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Matthew & Michelle Adams

It fills my heart with immense joy and gratitude to serve as your counselor, guiding you both on this journey of Christ-as-Life discipleship. It is a privilege to witness your spiritual growth and to be a part of your journey towards a deeper understanding of Christ’s teachings & indwelling Life. Your commitment to living out your faith in every aspect of your lives is truly inspiring. I look forward to continuing to walk alongside you, providing guidance and support as you navigate your spiritual paths. May our shared journey bring us closer to the heart of Christ, and may His love and wisdom guide us every step of the way.

Discipleship Data Page

This webpage serves as a comprehensive repository for our discipleship journey. It contains detailed discipleship notes that capture the essence of our discussions and reflections on Christ’s teachings. The assignments posted here are designed to deepen your understanding and application of these teachings in your daily life. Additionally, the counseling notes provide insights into our counseling sessions, offering a record of our progress and areas of focus. This resource is intended to support your spiritual growth and foster a deeper relationship in & with Christ. It is my hope that you find it valuable and enriching in your discipleship journey.


Personal marriage counseling/discipleship was requested. It was decided to pursue the request.


Congratulations. Today, we begin the process of your marriage discipleship. We will start with you, Michelle, filling out our "Wife's View of the Husband." DO NOT SHOW YOUR ANSWERS TO MATT. Matt, you need to fill out the "Husband's Self-Evaluation." Again, DO NOT SHOW YOUR ANSWERS TO MICHELLE. Send the results through your private email address as an attachment after completing – in a Word doc if possible. This means that during our testing period, I must respond to your private emails (michelle@ & matthew@) to ask questions and get clarification. 

We have a policy of having all "homework" assignments completed and back in my inbox within 48 hours. If this policy is not honored, discipleship is suspended, except in unforeseen circumstances. Plus, all emails need a response with a statement such as "I received your email." It is our IOM Board policy. I am required to honor this.

Once I get the digital copy of the signed full Right To Minister (meaning all pages), I will sign it and return it to you for your files. This is imperative to move to the next step, and it is necessary according to our Board's Bylaws and Articles.    


All pre-counseling forms - Husband's Self-Evalutation, Wife's view of Husband's Self-Evaluation, Wife's Self-Evaluation, Husband's view of Wife's Self-Evaluation, Leadership Questionnaire, both Self-Life Questionnaires have been completed. The first session set up for June 27, 2024. 


Session was postponed until July 5, 1 pm (CST) due to lateness and sign in difficulties. Items to note:

  1. During waiting period, listen to "Making Disciples" audio (scroll to the bottom of page) HERE

  2. In your workbook, study the "Preface" section.

  3. Carefully review the "Terms & Definitions" section.

  4. Fill in the "blanks" within the "Making Disciples" chapter in your workbook.

  5. Notify me as soon as you have completed the above items - the July 5th meeting will not take place until each item is completed with excellence. 


Pre-session homework.: Send assignments HERE.

  1. Write an overview of the audio you listened to - "Making Disciples."

  2. Write a summarization paragraph of the Preface section of the workbook.

  3. Write a statement regarding your definition of procrastination. Make it personal. 


The discipleship was placed on "hold" until an evaluation on Wednesday, August 28th. At that time, it will be determined to cancel all sessions, or delay for another month. Between today and the 28th, all the above assignments will need to be completed in addition to the items below: Send assignments, as completed, HERE.

  1. Spend deliberate time in prayer as to the Lord's will for the two of you to faithfully execute discipleship with IOM.

  2. If we make a decision to move forward, a renewed agreement will need to be applied. The agreement must include doing the assignments in a timely fashion, returning those assignments within a 48-hour time period, consistent communications, and notifying me of potential schedule conflicts well in advance.  

  3. In addition to the above items, together, listen to the following messages: Godship, Rejection, External/Internal, Problems, My Flesh, and Repentance. After listening to each, before moving on to the next, send separate summaries of what you learned from that message - then move on to the next scheduled audio. Do one per week. This is imperative. It allows time for the Holy Spirit to minister to you for one week with each message. 

  4. At the end of each week, fill in the blanks in your workbook for the message you listened to earlier that week. No cram studies. Keep with the timing I have implemented. Again, after you have filled in the blanks within each chapter, notify me that you did. To reintegrate, listen to the audio, send me your summary and a notification of accomplishing this, wait until the end of the week, fill in the workbook for that topic, and send me another notification of completing the fill-in within your workbook on that lesson. 

  5. Note: this is my method of determining the advisability to continue our discipleship & restart our Zoom sessions. Reply to me individually if you are in agreement to this HERE. 


As of this date, I have received the following assignments. Send assignments, as completed, HERE.

  1. Both listened to the "Making Disciples" audio. Michelle sent an excellent overview of the "Making Disciples" audio, summarization of the "Preface" section, plus her definition of procrastination.

  2. Michelle & Matthew agreed to the new terms and conditions for future assignments.

  3. Michelle completed the study of the "Preface," "Terms & Definitions" and filled in blanks of the "Making Disciples" section of the workbook.

  4. Matt completed the paragraph summarizing the "Preface" section.

  5. Matt sent a paragraph on procrastination and a statement on his early resistance to discipleship. 


Michelle llistened to Godship audio. Matt listened to Godship audio on 7/11/24. Sent in a summary of Godship that was opposite of its stated meaning. Waiting for redo. 

7/12/24 Received Michelle's summary to Godship. Without question, this was one of the clearest summaries I have received to date. Matt sent a brief summary on Godship. 

Priorities Until Discipleship is Completed

Time With God

Private and marital prayer and Bible reading as a couple. Separate devotions second. 


Paid work hours related to sustaining and supporting household expenses.


Complete all assignments and encouragements provided by your discipler/counselor.


Time spent in your ministry outreach services. Do not "cheat" on this priority.



7/9/2024: I thank both of you for completing some of the homework assignments. Well done. Remember to scan the list for the remainder of the assignments before we meet. Keep a weekly schedule on the other items. Remember no "cram-studies." Please pace yourselves. 

Matt, your testimony regarding procrastination was appreciate. However, your replies typically have an excuse attached to each - too busy, laziness, fatigue, and other related adjectives. Procrastination is simply an action of delaying or postponing something - particularly when mandated to complete. Matt, procrastinators put off tasks that should be done, especially those requiring immediate attention. Without question, I see this in your communications. This delay can be intentional, habitual, or a covert confession of resistance against authority. Procrastinators are angry people. It is a form of self-punishment due to the subconscious pressing in on their internal rebellion. Once it is habitual, these people push tasks into the future due to a lack of willingness to be told what to do - even by themselves. We counselors call it "blameworthy delay," especially through laziness or apathy. It’s important to note that consistent procrastination can lead to negative consequences, such as missed deadlines or increased stress that plagues them the better part of each day, thus, exhaustion sets in. 


Both of you have signs of being procrastinators. It might be why the two of you make use of "blameworthy delay." You are both angry people. The anger is likely associated with self-anger for being irresponsible for proper priorities, schedule keeping, and diligence in accomplishing the proper tasks, without filling your time with meaningless activities that ultimately force you to be angry at yourselves. 

7/4/2024: Special note. Additional assignments have been added. Here is how it works. Assignment - 48-hour deadline > assignment received > I review content > we dialogue up to the next scheduled session > possible new small assignments added > next session is activated. When this is not followed, the person(s) does not allow me enough time to do my part. The enemy will provide all types of reasons why assignments can't be done. Please remember, I can't be the only one trying to save your marriage.   


7/3/2024: No homework (posted on 6/27/24) confirmation has been received as of today. I will need to make a decision of cancelation on the early evening of 7/4/24 at 6 pm (CST). All assignments must be turned in one day before each session to provide appropriate time to study your assignments before sessions.  

6/27/24: Please remain encouraged. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the courage and commitment you both have shown in starting the counseling process. Starting this journey is often the hardest part, and it’s natural to encounter challenges and discomfort along the way.

Remember, growth often comes from discomfort and every step you take, no matter how small, is progress. It’s important to be patient with yourselves, each other, and the process. This process is not about perfection, but about growth and learning.

I am here to support you through this journey, and I believe in your ability to overcome these initial hurdles. Your willingness to engage in this process, even when it’s tough, is a testament to your strength and dedication to your spiritual growth.

Let’s continue to lean on the GRACE and strength of Christ as we navigate this path together. His love and wisdom will guide us through.

Dr. Stephen Phinney's scheduled Zoom with Matthew & Michelle Adams discipleship meetings.

Restarting September 6, 2024 - each Friday at 1 pm (CST). Log in 15 minutes early to avoid last minute "bugs." Each attendee must sign in on separate devices, in separate rooms, to provide privacy in communications. Set up the Zoom call without any bright light behind the attendee, as in the case of a window. Use a podcast light or lamp to brighten your face. Make sure this light is behind the camera. Make sure your video and audio links are open (the bottom left corner of the Zoom window).  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 844 1642 5573



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