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Message From Armando

Why I am joining IOM America?

I’m joining the Institute of Ministry America because its entire foundation and edifice are built on the trinitarian self-revelation of the One True God in Jesus, the Christ. As part of the ecclesia, IOM America is laser-focused obeying the great commission through discipleship rooted in the triunity of the gospel of the kingdom of God, salvation by faith, the absolute authority of the written Word, and the mystery of the gospel, the indwelling and glorious presence of the Living Word in the believer.

I know this is a divine appointment, for I did not seek it. It’s the heavenly call I’ve been waiting and preparing for since June 19, 1980, when the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the empty cross of Jesus, His empty tomb, and the emptiness in me. So, I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, for safeguarding me all these years, and for teaching me how to live from His indwelling presence, for considering me faithful, and for putting me into service next to a man I admire and look up to!



Armando's Back Story

Armando is the Executive Director and Founder of All in Spanish. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Multnomah University, and a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice University. He is an accomplished certified Medical Interpreter, Translator and an Adult Literacy Educator from the National Institute of Education in Mexico with over 20 years experience. He is a native Spanish speaker, from Bogota, Colombia. He & his family reside in Portland, OR.

While he is known up & down the America’s as a translator/interpreter & professional 'voice over' expert, he is most known by IOM America as a profound theologian, particularly within the arena of the indwelling Life of Christ. His creational views are ecclesiastical & centered in Triune Identity.  

Armando and I have known each other for many years. Both of us were students of Dr. Charles Solomon. We were not only equipped by 'one of the best' regarding the identified Life in Christ, we both realized we were destined to work side-by-side in ministry. Needless to say, we began doing that through emails, text, our online school, and Zoom meetings. The results were not only the beginnings of developing a workbook, "The Triune of Identity," but after he joined our XL-Zoom Church, it was obvious to invite him as our Associate Pastor. In fact, we are exploring a more corporate role.

The Christian world is filled with betrayal - leaders who commit for a season. And...then they're gone. There are no words to communicate the level of trust I have in him as a friend, co-worker, and theologian. Both of us realized that in our enduring friendship, God answered both of our prayers, that of having a life-long friend worthy of iron-sharpening-iron, both in friendship & theological infrastructure. Honestly, I know few who have the depth of insight into the Scriptures, culture, and practical applications of the indwelling Life.

Be watching for Armando's role in writing, podcasting, pastoring, and leadership. We are excited to have him, and his family, a part of IOM America and the XL-Church.

-Dr. Stephen Phinney

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