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Have you ever wondered about the vengeance of God in modern times? Not for the Grace-filled believers, but through the rebels of the Living God. This series will assist attendees to understand why God is immovable in His reasons of vengeance. Watch the Trailer.   


The Book of Daniel is most remarkable. It is packed with prophecies that flow into modern culture. Like Daniel, it is unique and supernatural in nature. It records for us the course of the history of the nations from Daniel's day until the end, as stated in Revelation's book. Critics through the ages have groaned in despair in their attempts to discredit the book of Daniel, but there is no other book in all of the Bible that has been so completely and accurately vindicated by history. Our study will extract the prophecies that are relevant to believers today. We hope you join us!

The Bride Awaits Her Groom

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"Hand Me My Sword" | Teacher | Dr. Stephen Phinney
This series has been completed. View the video library below for recorded episodes.

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In an age where Christianity is anything you make it to be, Dr. Phinney brings the reader back to the basic doctrines of the Word of God.


With his compelling research of Christ, Culture & Creator, he delivers a theologically sound analysis of each up-to-date movement that rises against the Holy Word of God.

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