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IM Media Productions presents the trailer for the End Times documentary. One of the leading passions of the masses is people want to know tomorrow’s news today. While you would think God would rebuke such thinking, he does not. Obviously, prophecy is important to God, and He desires for us to understand tomorrow’s news today. God knows that under uncertain and often anxious times, His people need a snapshot of what’s ahead. Visit the Documentary Home Page HERE.


The Book of Daniel is most remarkable. It is packed with prophecies that flow into modern culture. Like Daniel, it is unique and supernatural in nature. It records for us the course of the history of the nations from Daniel's day until the end, as stated in Revelation's book. Critics through the ages have groaned in despair in their attempts to discredit the book of Daniel, but there is no other book in all of the Bible that has been so completely and accurately vindicated by history. Our study will extract the prophecies that are relevant to believers today. We hope you join us!