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Preparing For The End Times

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Delayed Webcast Event | Released in April 2022


Due to our objective of reaching the masses with our End Times Masterclass, we decided to professionally produce a video of me answering questions and then posting it to our networks. Meaning, the live Q&A on Thursday is canceled. We will notify you of the release of the delayed webcast AND provide a link.


We thank you for signing up for this important topic. We appreciate your patience in our new venue to inform the public of the End Times.


Please feel free to send me questions to include in this production.


The next earthly movement is the Great Apostasy, which is active today. The Apostasy will lead up to the Rapture – when Christ will gather His Bride, indwelt Christians, and take them to Heaven.


After the Rapture, there will be a seven-year global reign, led by the Antichrist. The last half of this Tribulation is called The Great Tribulation. The first half will be fake peace. The second half will be torturous. When the Tribulation concludes, Jesus will return with His Bride/Church and establish His earthly Kingdom, which will last one thousand years – The Great White Throne of Judgment. The return of Christ to earth between the Tribulation and the reign of Jesus is called the Second Coming.

Our goal is to answer as many questions as we can regarding this topic.



We Will Answer Your Questions

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Webcast Coming in April
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