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Bangladesh | The Bicycle

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Christ | Culture | Creator

A Bicycle Built for Thousands


IOM donors, thank you for your support. I bought the Bicycle. - Raju

“All my Bangladesh son needed was a bicycle. After probing his needs further, his son, our adopted grandson, was sick and his family needed some food. However, he kept talking about a bicycle. After explaining that he could reach thousands for Christ with wheels under him, I couldn't resist. That very day, God provided us with a gift to assist Raju and his family.

Raju is our Bangladesh field Director. He has a special love for reaching the confused souls of young adult students. He is a remarkable teacher and a local influencer of Christ in the Paharia Community. Check out his story. - Dr. Stephen Phinney


My faith journey:

I was born and grew up in a Pastor’s family. My father always taught and told me that I could follow God’s word and obey His commands. Also heard and read about Jesus. He died for our sins. And I saw a miracle in my father’s life that He didn’t go to any day school, but He could read and write Bangla. It’s a blessed from God! After knowing Jesus’ love for me, then about 16 years old, I took Jesus as Savior in my life by baptizing in the name of Father and the name of Son and the Holy Spirit. I got the gift of the Holy Spirit like this- strength to sing praise songs and share God’s word with Holy power. After that time, I always try to remain in obedience to God.

  • To take care of the old churches and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among the churches.

  • Also, search for the lost or return waywardness.

  • My Vision: Making discipleship and Leadership.

  • And in our Paharia Community, there are many people who don’t know about Christ. I like to preach about Christ among them.

  • As we have enough space, I am willing to build a Paharia IM Bible college. But I am waiting and praying for all things will be God’s willing and proper time.


And I want to share with you that you know that Bangladesh is a poor country.

Very sad that our Paharia Community whole people are working as day laborers. Regrettably, every Village Pastor doesn’t get their salary or pay from Church or other organizations. The village pastors don’t have any Theology diploma or course; they have only a little educational background. Although Thanks to Almighty God through Jesus Christ, they maintained their Church.

But let me say one thing: in our Paharia community, children can’t study more from their schools because it takes money, it would be much better if we built a tuition free school. If they get support for education, their life will become better, and it will be better for Church growing.

Yeah, God has given us responsibilities to teach and make disciples. I eagerly agree.

So, I need your Prayer and support to grow this Paharia Church Ministry, and Paharia community members may be saved, and through you, God’s Name will be.

Please pray for me that due to Covid 19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine pandemic, the price of everything is increasing daily. I am going to work hard to maintain my family expenses. In this case, I need some monthly financial Support 🙏 so that I can continue God’s work, Preaching Jesus Christ. Please pray for that in Mighty Jesus Christ’s name 🙏🙏

Sometimes I could not explore our real problem, especially for the church members in the context of Bangladesh. You know that Christians are minorities here. They have no facilities access to support. Please pray for us in this situation. We believe God is great and concerned for us.

If it pleases brother Dr. Stephen and your younger brother has found favor in his sight, let him help do God’s work.

Have a nice day! I love God’s work; thank you so much. May God bless you.

Raju | Bangladesh


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