Burned Alive

IOM Missions Report | Dr. Stephen Phinney

Many of our readers do not know that our primary outreach is to troubled countries, such as India. We have been blessed with 200+ IOM Representatives globally. Each of our representatives make use of our Identity Matters Workbook, which advances the believer's identity in Christ.

This blog is dedicated to Evangelist Pratap Singh, one of the leaders under our representative in India. As of this morning, I received news that he sacrificed his life for the Gospel - he was burned alive. Pastor Chellappan will communicate the story below. Please pray for Pratap's family and that God would use this horrific event to save more lives. Thank you!

-Dr. Stephen Phinney


Santhosh Chellappan

Urgent prayer request for the family of Evangelist Pratap Singh, 42 years. A Hindu convert. Last night Hindu fanatics killed him by beating him brutally and burnt him alive. In 2019, he left his home for a job and stayed in a city with the people doing the same work he was doing, and through them, he came to Christ.

Six months back, he returned to his village and started sharing the Gospel and attracting many to Christ. He was the only person who knew about Christ in his entire village. His family and the entire village people asked him to turn back to Hinduism and not to preach about Jesus Christ. His village is famous for witchcraft and idol worship. But his love for Christ compelled him to preach the Gospel, and as a result, some of his friends accepted Christ into their lives and started a prayer fellowship in a public park where many Hindus and some of his relatives came and attacked them last night. They caught, brutally killed him by putting petrol on him, and burnt him alive to ash.

His wife and children are afraid to file a complaint at the police station. I request you to please pray for his family and those with whom he shared the Gospel that the Gospel will grow there, and the entire village will realize that Jesus Christ is the Lord. Let us unite in prayer for India as persecution of Christians is increasing here in India every day. Many churches are closed or destroyed; many Gospel workers are in jail.


Katana Hassan

I am blessed to let you know that I was privileged to attend one of the IOM America conferences by Bishop Charles. He gave each participant 5 copies of the Identity Matters Workbook, which has been a big help to me here in the refugee camps.

I arrived one week ago from the Mombasa conference, and God is already doing big miracles through the systematic self-discovery spiritual workbook. Here we have more than 250,000 refugees drawn from Somali and Ethiopia - 98 % are Muslims.

Through group teachings, self-reading, and your Identity Matters Workbook, we shall be able to reach so many. May God bless you for the good work.

Charles Mwanda

I had a remote village reach out to me that overjoyed my heart. How wonderful when people are reached with good news. IOM America is becoming the foundation for those who would never think such true gospel will reach them.

False teachers and prophets are flourishing and taking advantage of village ignorance by swaying innocent people with false teachings. With more and more teachings and self-reading methods especially in family setup, things will change.

Santhosh Chellappan

The greatest thing that I have ever done in my life is that I accepted Christ into my life today. I am happy at this young age I received a new life that rest of my life I can live peacefully, Abhishek said this.

Abhishek, 19 years, a college student was invited to our house church by one of the youths in the fellowship. He is from a Hindu family. Request your prayers for his parents and younger brother that they also will come to Christ soon.

Coming to Christ alone from a family that is fully devoted to the Hindu religion and still living in the same atmosphere is difficult and may face tough opposition from other members of the family. So, please pray for Abhishek.

It was the first time he is seeing Bible and he was so happy when I gave him a new Bible in his own language.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us and our ministry. You are in my heart and prayers. Praise the Lord. Lord.