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IM-Grace | Part Two

Mark Maulding, Stephen Phinney, Frank Friedman, & Armando Gutierrez

It’s That Time Again!

If you haven’t registered for IM-Grace (Part Two), now would be a good time.


Why do so few Christians understand that God made them righteous? I believe it’s because most churches are on an agenda to get people into heaven, and that’s not a bad thing, but it’s only part of God’s plan. God’s plan also includes making His people righteous through the finished work of Christ. It’s great to help people get into heaven, but it’s equally glorious to help people understand that God has put heaven into them in Jesus, and He can do that because He has made us His righteous dwelling place. -Frank Friedmann


Remember that only our spirit was reborn and that its rebirth came with a new heart. And though our soul is eternally cleansed and forgiven, her mind must be renewed and therefore transformed. The soul's worldview was a diabolical indoctrination of conformity to the knowledge of good and evil, which is in harmony to the values of the devil and this world, plus the natural appetites and desires of my physical body, in whom the law of sin and death is still an active reality. -Armando Gutierrez


The overall message of the Scriptures is that an indwelt believer should exercise the fullest potential of all that he is in Christ. To appropriate this, it takes a great deal of discipline – that of the disciplines of the Lord’s life within each believer. This discipline starts in our minds by appropriating the Grace Life of Jesus Christ, through the Spirit life, which lives and breathes in the Spiritual area of the trinity of man. -Stephen Phinney


When it says, “your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self,” it means to get rid of the sinful behaviors that were a part of the old self that is no longer inside of you. Then putting on the new self is about living with righteous behavior that is consistent with the new self you now have, meaning the new identity in Christ you have today. This miraculous mission all happens through the power of the Grace Life that lives in all indwelt believers. -Mark Maulding


Once you submit your registration, we will add you to the list of attendees. You will be taken to a page with the logging-in information. Save this page! It is not available to the general public. We hope to see you in this strategic Zoom masterclass.

Dr. Stephen Phinney

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