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Mothers & The Holy Spirit

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

A mother is the first friend a child will have. The type of friend she is to this child will later reflect itself in future relationships. A child who is denied a relationship with their mother, for whatever reason, will struggle to define the parameters of relationships as an adult.

Mothers are the most important relationship the child will ever have. God designs her to teach the children the importance of home, family history, family life, and tradition. Above all, God gave her to us to reveal the characteristics of the Holy Spirit – who is the living teacher for Jesus Christ. For without her, ultimately, we would search for our kind of spirit.

I am a firm believer that God uses mothers to reveal the meaning & purpose of His love. In 1 John, it states that “God is Love.” When a child has a dynamic love-life with their mother, the mother sets the stage for the child to have intimacy with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Ultimately revealing that the foundation of the Gospel is built through a relationship between mother & child.

When we observe the relationship between Jesus and His mother, we see a level of love and commitment beyond human understanding. If you read the Scriptures carefully, you will see that Mary stayed at Jesus’ side until His last breath. Jesus was devoted & focused on the care for His mother until that last breath. This is why He assigned His beloved John to care for her until she died. The relationship between these two is nothing short of the perfect Mother’s Day expression.

Today we live in a world where children are forsaking their mothers, leaving them to tend for themselves, and sticking them in nursing homes when they become aged. Dear God, forgive them, for I don’t believe they know what they’re doing. Preserving the sanctity of motherhood is most likely one of the top priorities of God. If the role of a mother is indeed for revealing the role of the Holy Spirit, our world is about to go up-side-wrong.

By chance, if you are one of those who dishonor your mother – get reconciled with her. Immediately. Begin caring for her as you are commanded. Honor her at all costs – even if she doesn’t remember your name. The honor you show your mother is noted in Heaven. Jesus says, “What you do unto the least of these My brethren, you do unto Me.” It doesn’t matter how bitter, crabby, or resistant she is to you – feed her with the power of forgiveness. If you are the one who is bitter and unforgiving, go to Jesus, confess your wrong, accept His forgiveness and get back into the arms of your mother. Do it before it is too late.

Just as God gives to each rose a gentle touch of dew and gives unto each evening sky the lovely sunset’s hue – so may He give our mothers enduring love through each of her beloved children.

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