Dr. Stephen Phinney

Until recently, I thought a “snowflake” was a single ice crystal from the heavens. Not anymore!

Evidently, this ice crystal has a new meaning on the horizon. Yet another urban cultural definition is knocking at our door – a weak and fragile human.

In politics, it is a term used by conservatives to insult spineless liberals. In the generalized public, it is descriptive of someone who often whines & complains at the drop of a hat. Viewing Snowflakes within the parental realm describes children as privileged, beautiful, and unique – spoiled children. The emoji world depicts a Snowflake as a person who cannot handle the hard facts of life. It is a demand for proximities – a need for a safe space to avoid the harsh realities within the world.

As the cultural climate erodes into the frailties of a selfish world, new labels are needed to describe a depraved society. This is one of them. Like most derogative progressive labels, it was birthed out of a Hollywood movie. As the country imploded in upon itself through racist attacks, brutality, and generalized lunacy, the non-violent or supporters of all lives matter began to be called Snowflakes. In other words, they were too cowardly to raise a fist to opposite opinionates. Now staunch Bible believing Christians, in general, are being referenced with this derogatory term.

Was Jesus a Snowflake?

"You have heard that it was said, 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.' (Matt. 5:38)

Agreed. Our culture today is no different than the cowards Jesus was addressing. Today it might be dressed in sheep clothing, but the ideologies remain the same. The ridiculous thinking of you insult me; I insult you have been around since before the great flood. We also have a Biblical example of a depraved mind attacking a Snowflake - Cain (enemy) clobbers his brother (non-resistor).

When Jesus was delivering the Sermon On The Mount, most of the listeners were entrenched in revenge as a standard practice of self-protection. With that, Jesus was about to deliver a solution that would shake the foundation of their norm.