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The World Has Lost a Great Leader

His Majesty, King Wayabire has passed on to be our Lord. Dr. Wayabire was a faithful Board member of IOM America & a dear friend to Dr. Phinney. His sudden death from the COVID virus has left family, and nations stunned.

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Bishop Wayabire was the King of the Bugwere Kingdom in Uganda. He received the position of IOM Board member in January of 2020 after an extended friendship with IOM America's founder. Both shared a mutual commission and vision from the Lord in preparing the Bride of Christ for the Second Coming of Jesus. Dr. Phinney served as Special Counsel to the King.


Dr. Wayabire was all about sustaining his people. In his words...


"For those who have known me in my personal capacity, you ought at least to have noted from my efforts since I became your King, that I have always tried, and continue to promote sustainable development for our people, irrespective of their social and economic background. I accomplish this by promoting the use of sustainable methods...increase household incomes by transforming rural households...adopt market-oriented practices in an inclusive and sustainable manner..."


Christ and Culture were at the heart-beat of all that the King did. the age of 64, six months shy of his 7th year coronation anniversary celebration, King John died after contracting the highly contagious coronavirus-pneumonia—COVID19. At 1 A.M. early Sunday morning, on the 7th of February, he took his final breath as he battled for his life for a week, at the Pallisa Hospital. Yet again, this pandemic disease claimed and devoured so greedily a soul that will be sorely missed.


IOM America was represented at the National Memorial on February 20th with a tribute and commission to the Bugwere people.


It was one of my highest honors to be a friend & co-worker of the Gospel alongside King, Wayabire. Most will remember him as a relentless leader fighting for the sustainability of his people. I will remember him for his friendship & brotherhood in Christ Jesus. While I have been privileged to work alongside droves of world leaders, Dr. Wayabire was the most compassionate and kind leader I have known. His reward of resting in Christ in the eternal Kingdom is well deserved. -Dr. Phinney


On behalf of the staff, volunteers, Board Members & network, we extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Wayabire's wife, Sarah, his family, and the people of the Bugwere Kingdom.

IM Tribute Video

Please take a few moments to view the tribute video from IOM America. We are devoted to the Bugwere people.

IOM Tribute Speech To The Bugwere Kingdom People

Presented by Dr. Stephen Phinney


Greetings, My Fellow Ugandans.

My name is Dr. Stephen Phinney. I served as Special Counsel to your King. On behalf of IOM America & our Board of Directors, we offer you our deepest condolences over the loss of your leader. We also grieve for and with his wife, Sarah, and his beloved family. May the blessing of God be on Prince Geoffery. 

Dr. Wayabire not only served on our Board of Directors, but he was also one of my closest friends. I will miss him and our conversations for years to come. He truly was one of the world’s most compassionate men I know.

King, Wayabire told me of a vision he had back in 1985 when he suffered a severe illness. This vision entailed a bull tethered to a tree surrounded by lush crops. However, the bull’s tether did not allow him to reach the crop. He told me this was the point in his life when the Lord revealed to him, “You will no longer do your will.” His vision further revealed that the Lord had planted a seed in him, with the commission that he would serve the Lord’s people. Within this vision, he was instructed to prepare the Lord’s people for His Second Coming. After awakening, he was healed of his physical illness and set free to accomplish the Lord’s commissioning.

This is the story that captured my heart. You see, King, Wayabire, and I shared the same vision. I, too, have been commissioned by the Lord to prepare the Bride of Christ for His Second Coming. I asked the Lord for a message I could deliver on behalf of my brother John. I believe this tribute is this message.

After Dr. Wayabire served in the United States and being ordained as Bishop, God talks to him once again in a vision – to return to his homeland and help with the suffering people of Bugwere. Not long after returning home, as you know, he was coronated as your King in 2013. His first goal, to stop the bloodshed between his people and his neighbors. With the help of many, this goal was mostly accomplished. His next goal was to develop a socio-economic transformation, which includes schools and a vocational Institute to encourage child education to prevent early pregnancies and develop children’s talents, a farmers’ SACCO, a radio station, and agricultural assistance inputs and advisory services to the farming communities. This, too, he found great success.

Beneath his efforts in socio-economic reform, he was driven to prepare his people for the Second Coming of our Lord. Most of our conversations were focused on this mission. Working toward blending Christ & Culture into all of his policies became our objective. He was a firm believer in helping the people makes way to paving the way to Jesus Christ. A belief we both shared.

I am certain that King, Wayabire would want each of you to continue to carry the torch he once carried. Not only in socio-economic reform but in advancing the Truth of Christ in all that you do. He loved all of you with a passion only Jesus Christ can impart. And through my mind, it drove him in serving each of you.

All of us must honor and respect the legacy of our leaders. By remembering their investments, we remember the visions given to each – hopefully by our Lord.

Your King was a humble servant of the Lord. This is how I will remember him. When he said to me his ultimate service was to the King of kings, he wasn’t jesting. I believe he would want you and your acts of service to be unto the King of kings. That King is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Wayabire is now home with his King. Not ruling as a king, but as a humble servant who sings out praises to THE King of all nations. I believe that he continues to carry the passion for the Bugwere people to discover the most honorable mission of all, use your efforts to lead a lost world unto the Kingdom of the Living God. Care for each other. Protect each other. And…above all, prepare your children for the coming Kingdom.


In His Loving Care.

Dr. Stephen R. Phinney | Dr. James Fowler | Dr. John Woodward | The Late, Dr. Charles Solomon | Lee LeFebre | James Bootsma | Joseph Natembeya | Sgt. Ken Weas | Gale Ethridge        

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