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IOM America IM-News Watch | Vaccine News

If you are a conservative Christian or ministry, you might want to check out these details.

As many know, IOM attempts to focus on tomorrow's news today. Meaning, we direct our studies on the eschatological details contained within the Holy Word of God.

In understanding this modality, we have been tracking the real news hidden behind the social movement of 'forced vaccines.' The facts itemized in this IMNewsWatch are documented from authentic science & news releases presently being withheld from the general public.


Unfortunately, 82% of those blocked by Big Tech companies are conservative Christian ministries & churches. Furthermore, outreach services like PragarU, Gab Social Network, My Pillow Guy, and many others are being blacklisted from online donations & pay for services on a daily basis. This madness method is to remove the Christian voice from freedom of speech. 


As for our concern & safety for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we work tirelessly to remain on the cutting edge regarding the real news. Not only with the vaccine but, much other newsworthy items we believe affect the Christian community. We implore you to carefully read & watch these news items with the watchful eye of the indwelling Holy Spirit. 

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For The Serious Minded Viewer

Rumble — Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in a historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative.

For The Serious Minded Viewer

Dan Stock, MD to Mt Vernon School Board

In this video, you will hear authentic documented facts regarding the real news on the COVID virus, variants & vaccines.

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An increasing number of Swedes are having a COVID-19 passport microchip implanted under the skin in the arm or hand, leading to speculations among some Christians that this could be the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy about the mark of the beast. 

Documentation HERE.

Americans who are younger and identify as non-religious are less likely to get vaccinated than evangelical Christians, according to a recent report on polling data compiled by Ryan Burge, who says it shows the media “needs to be turning the spotlight a bit away from evangelicals and toward the ... young and secular.”

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While we consider the virus to be dangerous, and real, this research page is based on the issue of the vaccines being produced. As in, making use of the global panic of the COVID virus to track humanity. Not only has it been proven these vaccines are dangerous, but pharmaceutical companies also use HEK-293 cells from aborted babies. 


  1. The Pfizer Vaccine was protein tested using the abortion-derived cell line HEK-293.

  2. Moderna – The Moderna Vaccine was protein tested using the abortion-derived cell line HEK-293.

  3. The same is true for the vaccine produced by, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Vaxart, Alttimmune, Covaxx, Medicago, Novavax, PittCovacc, Walter Reed Army vaccine, Sanofi vaccine, Inovio vaccine, Arcturus vaccine, Imperial vaccine, Providence vaccine, CoronaVac, CanSino Biologics, ImmunityBio, Pasteur vaccine, Rega, Anhui Zhifei, and the Clover vaccine.

  4. The Social Life Document also states "The transplantation of organs from a living donor can be based another's life. Thus, some countries are using 'forced human organ harvesting' & 'slave donors' to sustain the development of modern vaccines. 

  5. The Low Mortality Rate of the Disease.

  6. COVID Mainly Affects People in the Third and Fourth Age Groups.

  7. Asymptomatic Transmissions of COVID are too Insignificant to Warrant the Mandate of a Vaccine.

  8. Among the Seriously Ill, the Vaccine May Actually Cause More Harm Than Good.

  9. In the 12-29 Age Group, there has been a notable risk of heart inflammation due to the COVID Vaccine.

  10. Fact, the Vaccine is Temporary and Will Go Obsolete, will they Mandate Future Developed Vaccines for Future Mutations of COVID?

  11. Multiple, Eminent Health Authorities From All Across the World Have Warned Against the Safety and Efficacy of Coronavirus Vaccines.

  12. Current Pfizer CEO Unable to Say if Vaccine Will Mitigate COVID Transmission.

  13. Adverse Reactions and Death Caused by the Vaccines are Underreported.

  14. COVID Deaths are over-evaluated due to false-positive tests for the virus.

  15. COVID has a death rate of less than 1%.

  16. COVID only marginally affects the youth.

  17. COVID has a less than one percent chance of asymptomatic transfer among individuals living together within the same household.

  18. mRNA Vaccines have a chance of causing Heart Inflammation.

  19. Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Michael Yeadon - VP of Pfizer state the unsafe nature of the Vaccine.

  20. Adverse Reactions and Deaths due to the Vaccine are underreported.

  21. Mandated vaccines tread upon human rights, Constitutional rights, and the rights of the Religious Freedom act. 

  22. Canada begins using the phone COVID Passport. Other nations join soon after.

  23. Sweden initiates the COVID-19 microchip.