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XL stands for X-Changing Lives in Christ. No matter what book from the Holy Word we teach, count on this, we always focus on the indwelling Life of Jesus Christ. Our primary focus? Advancing the believer's identity in, and through Jesus.

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Join Our Featured Showing of "Why The Nativity?"

Sunday December 18, 2022 @ 9:45 AM (Central Standard Time)



Turning Point Productions & IOM America 

Why the Nativity? is a fascinating presentation of biblical history with stunning visual dramatics creating an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Christmas!

Make watching Why the Nativity? a new holiday tradition!

Start that tradition by joining IOM America's special XL-Church service. Join us "live" in a Featured Showing of "Why the Nativity."


Presently we are in a series, "The End Times Documentary." We are carefully extracting Old Testament prophecies from the Bible while applying them to modern times. 

Dr. Stephen Phinney


Travel back in time and experience the sights and sounds of that first Christmas. You’ll have a front-row seat to the Nativity story as you witness the Old Testament prophets foretelling the birth of Jesus, Gabriel appearing to Mary, Joseph and Mary traveling the road to the crowded city of Bethlehem, angels appearing to shepherds, the brilliant star guiding the Wise Men from the East, and baby Jesus lying in a manger in a humble stable in Bethlehem.


Hi, my name is Pastor Phinney. I started a home fellowship ten years ago. Why? Honestly - I believe I was led to by the Lord. I had a particular message I wanted family & friends to hear. After visiting most of the churches in our area, I was not content with the level of focus of the believer's identity in Christ. Then, I was left with a crisis. Do I settle for a church that was "OK" or do I follow the lead of the Spirit, venture out & form a new fellowship. It took me less than three minutes to answer that question.

After several years of leading this fellowship in our home, the Lord prompted me to merge our fellowship with our international ministry. The results became mind-bending. Since our ministry served 2.8 million inboxes via the internet, we decided to videocast/podcast our Sunday morning messages. That single decision transformed our outreach. While we serve a small group in our home, our podcast listener list grew to thousands of monthly viewers. Today we have 400+ available messages online, with a focus on the authentic believer's identity in Christ.

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"Hand Me My Sword"


We have concluded our teaching from the book of Nehemiah. While we extract the message of Christ-as-Life, we explore the not-so-hidden details of Old Testament eschatology. 

Nehemiah Article Library HERE

Nehemiah Sermon Library HERE