Don't Attack My Bride

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Frank Friedmann | Author of "Stunned by Grace"

Dear IOM Reader,

If you were critical and negative about my bride, and slandering her, you and I are going to be a bit troubled in our relationship... and rightfully so. She belongs to me, and is cherished by me. When you slander her, I will rightfully rise up against you to defend her who is the apple of my eye. This is as it must be.

I find it strange, that so many who are part of the body of Christ, find it so easy to be critical, negative and slanderous when they talk about the church? Do they fail to realize that they are dissing His bride when they do so? I have to wonder if that doesn't bother Him to hear such slander against His bride?

In Romans 14, the Apostle Paul (our champion of grace who fought fiercely for grace), warned us to be careful to not judge the servant of another. He made it abundantly clear, we are not to judge our fellow believers who answer to our Father, and not to us. Is not this charge heightened and magnified when we realize we are not only judging His servants, but His bride?

This does not mean that we are passive when we find her in faulty belief systems or fruitless practices. We are in the church. We are part of His body, His bride. We know her value, so when we see her wayward ways, we need to fight for her. Sometimes, in our fight for her, we are going to have to fight against her. This is a task we must all be involved in, because she is worth fighting for.

But when we fight against her, we must be careful to remember that our supreme motive must be that we are fighting for her. This goal will protect our method and motive when doing so, because our goal will not be to defeat her, but to win her back to Jesus as her sole source of life.

As Paul proclaimed, let us speak the truth to her, but do so in patient love, so she can find the truth that will set her free indeed, in Him, Who is her groom.

I am hearing that many people in the movement of grace, are declaring that coming into the fulness of Christ as our Life is a one-time event! They are absolutely RIGHT – IT IS A ONE TIME EVENT!

At the moment of receiving Jesus by faith, we were placed into union with Him, sharing in His crucifixion He took us to the cross and executed us. All that was wrong about us was placed into the grave – that person is gone forever!

Then, when He rose, we rose with Him as brand-new creations. We were made RIGHT – but not so He could put us on His shelf and admire us as trophies of His grace (though that is true). He made us RIGHT so the RIGHT ONE co