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In an age where Christianity is anything you make it, Dr. Phinney brings the reader back to the basic doctrines of the Word of God.


His compelling research of Christ, Culture & Creator delivers a theologically sound analysis of each up-to-date movement that rises against the Holy Word of God.


This is a must-read!

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What Others Are Saying

We live in a troubling, but also exciting age. As the future unfolds, it’s clear that Christians must be informed and actively working and praying for believers everywhere to realize their strong identity in Christ, for that will be a crucial element in times of persecution. As Dr. Phinney says in This Preeminent Darkness: 30+ Cultural Movements Rising Against Christianity, “Passivity is the greatest enemy of the gospel!”

-Nick Harrison | Word Serve Literary

Congratulations! Stephen. I am not disappointed. I couldn't resist reading it. The Holy Spirit touched my heart as I read, and I don't want to stop.  I wish every Atheist, every Deconstructionist, and every apostate from Christianity would read it and come into the fold of the Good Shepherd instead of running with the goats. You have revealed Satan's success in telling lies as he deceives people today.

-Ted McCartin | Sydney, Australia

This may not allow such a one to be popular but being popular was never the agenda of a new covenant teacher. This has been the heart of my ministry, and I believe it is the heart of Dr. Phinney. It was easy to partner with IOM America because they share the same heart of proclaiming the truth and exposing the lies that the enemy hurls at the church to keep the church from fully experiencing the freedom that is their birthright in Christ.
-Frank Friedmann | Our Resolute Hope

In this comprehensive book, my associate and friend, Dr. Stephen Phinney, addresses a variety of issues that call believers to discernment and faithfulness. In an age of resistance to absolute truth, the church needs those with a prophet gifting (Romans 12:6) to take a courageous stand. Being salt in days of moral corruption and light in days of doctrinal darkness requires the commitment spoken of in the epistle of Jude, "to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (v. 3).  These signs of the times challenge us to be more salty and luminous as we speak the truth in love.

-Dr. John Woodward | Grace Fellowship International

Dr. Stephen Phinney is a lifetime student of the Word of God. This Preeminent Darkness is a timeless book that emerged from the pen of this well-known defender of the TRUTH. I am sure this book will serve as a workbook for many spiritual mentors, life coaches, Christian counselors, and pastors. After browsing through it, I am confident that this work will be an excellent tool for discipleship, counseling, and mentorship. This work could assist Christians in easily zero-in on the critical issues that permeated our culture. I have been privileged to know this dear man of God and to sit for a while at his feet, continuing to learn what it means to be an indwelt born-again believer in Christ.

-Valy Vaduva | The Upper Room Fellowship Ministry

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"This Preeminent Darkness" is now available in hardcopy, paperback, and ebook. 

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