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If we don’t align our thinking with the New Covenant message, our prayer requests will take the pathway of selfish praying. New Covenant thinking is all about fulfillment versus asking for things – it is more like claiming what is already true about us and the allotment of our daily circumstances.

The Book of Prayers

Whenever we go to the frontlines, where the enemy lives and breathes, he is bound to try chasing us away. Do not submit to his deceptive ideas and lies: there is no time; this level of combat isn’t necessary; these are only words; we can put this off because we already have too many things to do; we’re tired or too sick; or that we are already struggling with worries, doubts, and fears that will prevent us from completing our pathway to deliverance. We should push through it all and respond like warriors! In rare cases, some people experience terrifying feelings of guilt, worthlessness, physical symptoms (choking, pains moving around the body, tightness above the eyes, dizziness, blackouts, or even fainting), and terrifying spells of panic and depression. If any of these symptoms occur to the point of “paralyzing” you from not being able to go through the study, you will need a spiritual mentor (male church leader) who understands balanced warfare to pray over you. Remember, fear is the fire from the dragon’s mouth – it is his primary tool of intimidation. Don’t worry – it’s only hot air! Get the book and learn more.


Praying to The Groom

The Christian is engaged in a spiritual battle, even if he/she ignores the reality thereof.  Satan and his spiritual forces are on the battle line waiting for us each day.  A believer does not choose his engagement in this battle, it awaits him each day, and there is no way to get around it. Talk to your Gromm about your supplications.

Review The Book 

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This beautiful prayer book makes an excellent gift for friends and loved ones! Teach others how to pray doctrinally.


A Look Inside...

Inside view of the Table of Contents...


-Marriage of the Lamb

-Permissible Suffocation

-General Warfare

-Praying the Armor

-Deeds of The Flesh

-Praying for Others

-Prayer for Leaders

-Victory in Christ

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Prayer Book Contents


Dr. Stephen Phinney

Dr. Phinney is the Founder of IOM America, Identity Matters Worldview Institute, and the IM Online School. He is the author of several books that focus on Christ, Culture, & Creator, centered on the believer's identity in Christ. IOM America publishes online articles & media through multiple venues. Dr. Phinney holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling Psychology & International Cross-culture Leadership (DMin).

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