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November 11, 2021
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Paul rebukes the Corinthians because there are divisions and quarrels in the church. This is the result of a religious snobbery associated with cliques that produced pride and conflict. Religious snobs want to be a part of a small group that thinks of themselves as the spiritual elite. They are proud and smug because of their associations, especially with their leader, and they look down upon those who are not in their group. The elitism evident in Corinth was based upon two things: (1) whom they followed – who their leader was; and, (2) the message and method of their leader. You will enjoy this discussion!

Bob | Texas

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Masterclass Schedule


  • IM-Church | Facing PassivityThe Grace Guys |  Fank Friedman, Mark Maulding, Valy Vaduva & Stephen Phinney | November 11th

  • IM-Paganistic GraceThe Grace Guys | Frank Friedman, Mark Maulding, Valy Vaduva & Stephen Phinney | December 9th



  • IM-God’s Best Kept Secret (Book Interview) Dr. Phinney Interviews Mark Maulding | January 13th

  • IM-God In The Gray (Book Interview) Dr. Phinney Interviews Frank Friedmann | February 10th

  • IM-Christ-as-Life Discipleship | The Grace Guys | Frank Friedman, Mark Maulding, & Stephen Phinney | March 10th

  • IM-SufferingThe Grace Guys | Mark Maulding, Frank Friedmann, & Dr. Phinney | April 14th

  • IM-Spiritual Warfare (Book Inteview) An Interview with Dr. Phinney | May 12th

  • IM-Christ & Culture (Multiple Authors | June 9th)

  • IM-Guilty, Conviction vs. GuiltThe Grace Guys |  Frank Friedman, Mark Maulding,  & Stephen Phinney | July 14th

  • IM-This Preeminent Darkness (Book Interview) | An Interview with Dr. Phinney | August 11th

  • IM-Christ's RighteousnessThe Grace Guys | Frank Friedman, Mark Maulding, & Stephen Phinney | September 8th

  • IM-End Times | Dr. Phinney Interviews Dr. David Jeremiah | October 13th

  • IM-Heaven & Hell | Dr. Phinney Interviews Jack Hibbs | November 9th

Dr. Phinney  is open to discussing Biblical doctrines with you in a private Zoom meeting. Topics such as, The Trinity in You, Identity in Pain, Christian Betrayal, Waring with The Flesh, The Self-Life, Body Worship, Idolatry in Friendships, or others that might interest youThese are 'closed' sessions. The venue is 'open mic.' You need to request attendance. Apply HERE.


What happened to the church? Why are most hosting social justice topics over that of delivering the authentic Gospel? 


The obvious answer – these so-called churches are filled with minds who are void of the reason & purpose OF the church. When you have a church filled with depraved minds, you get depraved results – a dead church.

The dead/passive church does not necessarily promote corruption or immorality, but rather it produces a spiritual lethargy within the church, what Christ now calls the dead church.  The passive church is alive in reputation only.  While the dead church is compared to our modern-day movement of being “woke,” the ideology of this misnomer integrates “Christianity” into a secular framework. The 'Grace Guys' will explore tough questions directly related to the implosion of the modern-day "church." We hope you join us!

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IM-Church Masterclass

November 11, 2021 | 5 pm (CST)

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Learn about God's best-kept secret for the authentic Christian's life.

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A closer look at why we cannot ignore Biblical discipleship.

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The authentic Christian life is beyond amazing. Learn more about abundant living.

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There is a major difference between Old & New Covenant Prayers. Discover the difference.

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