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You likely learned about the message of GRACE from many authors, teachers, and preachers. But you might not have been taught the parallel to the Trinity of the Living God. Furthermore, you might have missed out on the practical applications of Grace. IM-Grace Masterclass is a 'live' class with authors and teachers who are 'seasoned' in the field of the topic of GRACE. Each registrant leads this class. The authors will focus on your questions. Consider joining this 'live event,' hosted by Zoom. By the way, this class is FREE to the general public.

Why Join This Discussion?

In this special masterclass event, YOU lead the conversation! Our hosts have a plethora of experience in the teachings related to Grace. Most of them are authors on the topic. This is your opportunity to ask those questions regarding the practical application of God's Grace. In this LIVE 1 hour Question & Answer Session (hosted on Zoom), Frank, Armando, Mark & I have decided to open up a discussion and let YOU ask us YOUR questions! -Dr. Phinney

The process is simple. Fill in the form & our office will send you a confirmation with the log-in data needed to join the discussion.

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Our Church Story

Hi, my name is Pastor Phinney. I started a home fellowship nine years ago. Why? Honestly - I believe I was lead to by the Lord. I had a particular message I wanted family & friends to hear. After visiting most of the churches in our area, not one advocated the believer's identity in Christ. Then, I was left with a crisis. Do I settle for a church that was "OK" or do I follow the lead of the Spirit, venture out & form a new fellowship. It took me less than three minutes to answer that question.

After several years of leading this fellowship in our home, the Lord prompted me to merge our fellowship with our international ministry. The results became mind-bending. Since our ministry served many inboxes via the internet, we decided to videocast/podcast our Sunday morning messages. That single decision transformed our outreach. While we serve a small group in our home, our podcast listener list grew to 86,000 monthly viewers. Today we have 300+ available messages online, with the focus on the authentic believer's identity in Christ.