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Nehemiah, The Man & The Legend

Our study, Hand Me My Sword, sets out to present realistic observations to our present culture while evaluating how each applies to the eschatological truths contained in the Old and New Testaments.  In the book of Nehemiah, the man who led god’s people is presented in three roles.  Early in the book, he is the cupbearer of the king, a servant.  Midway through the story, he is a builder of the wall, and in the third part of the book, he is governor of the city and surrounding sections of Jerusalem.  He was an authentic leader of god.  Hand Me My Sword is framed within the emphasis of using one hand to rebuild while keeping the Sword of the Spirit in the other hand.  We are praying that this miniseries blesses you beyond measure.

Chapter One | Back Story

We live in troubling times—political, cultural, and Church fighting at every turn.  We live in a society that is simply upside wrong; where what once was wrong is right... HERE

Chapter Three | Leadership

Many have leaders who they call “great.”  Maybe it’s a pastor, politician, famous ministry developer, life coach, or maybe it’s someone they know personally like a...HERE

Chapter Five | Rebuilds

Before we move on, let’s contemplate just a little bit on this passage. First, God cares so much about our lives that He inscribes our names on the palms of His hands...HERE

Chapter Two | The Journey

The name of Nehemiah means Jehovah comforts, which means God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are Comforters.  Nehemiah was known...HERE 

Chapter Four | Evaluates

One of the primary issues that Nehemiah had to deal with was the staggering wealth inequality.  The widespread poverty in the land had forced many to borrow large...HERE

Chapter Six | Knees Up

As soon as Nehemiah began the work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, the enemy attacked.  Sanballat was not only a thorn in Jerusalem’s flesh but that...HERE