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Child Sex-Trafficking

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Do you know the true-life story of Tim Ballard? His biopic Sound of Freedom recently opened #1 at the box office, taking the movie world by storm. But, if you want to hear the complete, incredible story, told in Tim’s own words, you won’t want to miss this limited video series. Watch the life changing episodes.

Sex trafficking is a booming business, AND our GenZ’ers are the product. I am not speaking to you on the basis of cultural research; my daughter was a victim before her father stepped in and unloaded every resource I had from Washington, DC, to friends that worked within the FBI.

Thankfully, she was saved before her life turned into a nightmare.

One of America's most popular types is the multibillion-dollar illicit massage industry is a leading pimp. Another standard outlet is online image transfer. Meaning - as the digital age users are sending nudity of themselves, and others, to their friends and interested onlookers, online pimps are tracking for kidnapping or exclusive invites into the industry. Keep in mind; these pimps can locate the minor's specific location through advanced tracking software. This is how black-market kidnapping comes into play. The average age of capture is 10–16 years of age, which puts Generation Z as the highest-risk generation.




Watch This Trailer

​No news for the news-driven digital age but; the internet is awash with horrendous media of children exposed, sexually abused, and images created and distributed for others who suffer from twisted pleasure. Learn more, watch the trailer.


Join Jim Caviezel & IOM

IOM America has partnered with Jim Caviezel and Angel Studios to advance the cause of fighting the child sex-trafficking industry. We set out to save the children and awaken the parents in every nation.


Watch Shared Hope

IOM PARTNERSHIP: Sex trafficking is a booming industry in America. It thrives because there is a serious demand for commercial sex with minors. Every day in America children are being bought and sold for sex. And they are waiting for you to notice. But would you know it if you saw it…


Watch The Docudrama

"Sex-Trafficking Gen-Z." This is a “must-see” short-film. One of the leading pandemics in the world today is human-trafficking – 700,000+ humans are trafficked across borders each year. This must stop. This film is packed with quality research. 

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