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Pray For The Saints

"Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a good conscience, desiring to conduct ourselves honorably in all things. And I urge you all the more to do this, so that I may be restored to you the sooner." (Heb 13:18-19)

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Pray The Word

Praying the Word of God is probably the most reliable and safe way to pray over concerns that our Church people suffer daily.  Our ministry calls it 'praying doctrinal prayers.' In prayer, nothing touches and commands the attention of God when you pray authentic New Covenant prayers.


Confession for Restoration

Next, clear your soul of thoughts and behaviors that are offensive to God. We don't believe in asking God for forgiveness, we believe in claiming the forgiveness that He provided for you on the Cross.

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Prayer of Suplications

This is your time to bring your supplications (requests) before the Lord on the behalf of others. Create a list that is birthed from the burdens you carry for yourself and others. Avoid 'me-me' requests. Me-me requests focus on you. True supplications focus on others. 


Praise & Thanksgiving

Never leave a prayer time without praising & thanking God for His sovereign control. He uses all things for His good. Appealing is one thing but telling or demanding of God to answer your prayers promotes idolatry. We are not God! Close your prayer time with a thankful heart, noting He will use all crises & sufferings to advance His Son's indwelling Life and Will.

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Pray For IOM America

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Some Need To Learn How To Pray

The Book of Prayers, Learning To Pray Covenant Prayers. If we don’t align our thinking with the New Covenant message, our prayer requests will take the pathway of selfish praying. New Covenant thinking is all about fulfillment versus asking for things – it is more like claiming what is already true about us and the allotment of our daily circumstances. Without this modality of thinking, the enemy will shift our focus from accepting existing sovereignty to begging for God to change His sovereignty to match our panic and fears. Note. He will not change His eternal plan to match humanity’s needs. However, since He knows what your needs are before you pray, He will fulfill all the requests that match His predestined care for you.  ORDER OR REVIEW HERE

Pray for...

  1. The battle of cancelling the authentic Church from global impact.

  2. The Church, as they slip into the modalities of global passivity - the lukewarm Church.

  3. The deconstruction movement of faith, Christ Jesus, and the Church.

  4. Christians as they are tempted to be captivated in movements versus Jesus Christ.

  5. All believers as they are faced with 'fake' grace versus the GRACE of Christ from within.

  6. The Church as they as a corporate body are fading into Socialism vs. the Monarchy of God.

  7. The revival of the heart - for all those who claim to have the Life of Christ.

  8. The release of the Holy Spirit within all authentic born-again believers.

  9. Those that persecute authentic believers. Ask the Lord to use persecution to activate the Body of Christ.

  10. All believers to refute 'fear' as a default when faced with persecution, distress, and difficulties.

  11. All real-deal Christians to shift from culture to ministry. Meaning, believers will use distress and difficulties to motivate themselves, and others, to step up and share the indwelling message of Christ in you.

  12. The Body of Christ to view the 'end times' as a modality/method of advancing the antichrist to 'do his thing' according to the timeline of God's closure of humanity. The Word says, those who study Revelations's book will be blessed. All authentic believers need this blessing.

  13. All those who lead small, and large fellowships throughout the world. Pray that each will lead their people with the identified Truths of 'Christ in you.'

  14. Indwelt children of God to refute the issue of anti-authority. That each would learn, or relearn the power of supporting/submitting to quality Christ-as-Life leaders. 

  15. The IOM America leadership Board, that each would remain focused on the mission and doctrines of 'Christ in you.' 

  16. Dr. Stephen Phinney as he leads on & off learners with the priorities established by his leadership.

  17. Each of the paid and volunteer workers who serve within the outreach of IOM America. Pray for their focus, work ethic, families, and the distresses that come with working within a Christ-as-Life ministry. 

  18. All the leaders & workers the ministry has equipped worldwide - that each would populate the mission, methods, and purposes of the Exchanged Life and 'Christ in you.'

  19. The health of those that struggle with daily pain and suffering as they work within our ministry.

  20. The training process of our new Associate to the Founder. This is a critical position within our ministry structure. This person needs to learn all facets of our ministry.

  21. Our accounting staff & donors. They work to keep this little ministry afloat. The roles of both the accounting people AND our donors is critical in maintaining the success of our mission.

  22. Our viewers/readership. This is our audience. While our numbers grow daily, we are passionate regarding reaching their souls for ministry. Pray against passivity. We do what we do to make disciples in Christ for His work of service to a lost and depraved world. We care about their growth, but only for the purpose of each advancing the Life of Christ.

  23. Our local fellowship, XL-Church. Even though we provide this service globally (Via Zoom), we experience mockery, and attacks on this work from local and online observers.  


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