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A fact unknown to many Bible readers - the Bible contains numeric codes that reveal the prophetic mysteries of God’s preeminent plans. The book of Revelation contains the golden key to these codes - the number seven. The number seven unlocks the symbolic portrayals of angels, demons, churches, and principalities on Heaven’s side. In my teaching series, I will work to unveil the secrets behind this Holy number.



As you live and prepare for the eventual return of Jesus, there is a period of time that will happen on the earth, which is known as the Great Tribulation. This will be a time of horror and judgment upon the earth that will be unmatched by any other time in human history. Our "Introduction" will cover the overview of our series.



Why would God use a mysterious numeric code system? First of all, the organic Hebrew language is based on numbers & pictures - not a letter system. Secondly, symbols are pictures, and pictures are the primary methodology God uses to communicate with the human mind, which He created. Pictures and numbers provoke immediate understanding. While letters and languages require immense work, a single picture communicates a thousand words.



Pictorial Hebrew: Jesus is the first Alef and the last Tav, which means the beginning and the end. The pictorial describes Alef as the head of an Ox. The Ox has always been the Hebrew’s people expression of the first leader. From this letter, we discover the words chief, governor, and commander. God assigned the number one in congruence with this pictorial. As in the case of the first of the ten commandments, Alef is used to dictate that humanity shall not have any other gods before the Ox - God.



The Old Testament is packed with the symbols and meanings of the number Seven - the seven days of creation, seven lambs, seven-year laboring, seven cows, seven-year abundance, and many more. We will detail the Godological meanings of many of them. The Old Testament Seven is the indefinite number of the Living God. 

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The Lord God makes use of the New Covenant to seal the Old Testament numeric codes by "completing" or sealing them with the symbols and meanings of the number Seven within the New Testament. God does a lot of things with this number, particularly in the Book of Revelation - in this book alone, we find the number mentioned 54 times. 

Seven Letters 5.png



Through the Book of Revelation, John was mandated to write seven letters to the Seven Churches.  Jesus had specific messages for each of these churches - and for all church through the generations. Jesus offers comfort, tenderness in encouragement, but mostly warnings. We will detail these warnings in this episode.    

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Amid the golden lampstands, John sees Jesus Christ. John is asked to write down a detailed description of the Seven descriptives of Jesus - His clothing, head and hair, eyes, feet, mouth, hands, and face. The Hebrew reason for this request is mind bending. We will unfold this revelation in this episode. 

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The Seven Seals is one of the most talked about topics in modern Christendom. We see the setting of the throne of God in Heaven from which the judgments of the Tribulation will proceed. The horror of this is detailed in God's judgment for Satan, his demons, and followers. A power packed episode. 

Seven Praises 8.png



God never misses a beat, particularly when it comes to praise. Since Satan was in charge of praise when he was in Heaven, God makes a point TO point out the Seven Praises He requires from His throne - power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessing. This is one of Dr. Phinney's favorite episodes. 

Seven Trumpets 9.png



This trumpet brings an astonishing amount of death and an absolutely incredible response to it. With the sixth trumpet, four angels are released along with an army of 200 million which is probably a demonic army. They proceed to kill one third of all the people on the earth. Again, a time unlike any we have ever witnessed in human history. 

Seven Bowls 10.png



The Seven Bowl Judgments present the world reclaimed by God the Father. Chronologically, the seal judgments make take several years to unfold. However, a single angel releases the plagues of God out to the empirical system, Satan's triune, and the masses that dedicate their lives to this Beast. You will love this one.

Seven Themes 11.png



The Seven Themes are glorious. It is the least talked about sevens in the Bible. It is a shame, these unmistakable themes arise from the pages of Revelation for good reason which cover - spiritual warfare, deliverance, correction, destruction, eternal salvation, and worship. Don't miss this episode.  

Seven Blessings 12.png



You will be blessed to know there are Seven Blessings promised to all those who endure to the end. God proves that a loving Father is not one of doom and gloom - that's for the rebels of evil. The overall theme of the Book of Revelation is to reveal the Seven Blessings that come to those who have "ears to listen." 

Seven Wonders 13.png



This episode will combine the Seven Great Wonders noted throughout the Old & New Testaments. In fact, all Biblical prophecies are neatly embedded in these wonders. Regardless of what happens to this world and the rebels within it, God proves to humanity that He always has been in control. 

Seven Identities 14.png



We will finish our series with the Seven Identity Markers of Life in Christ. Before the elements of all judgment are released on earth, the Bride of Christ is prepared during the moments leading up to the Rapture. If "believers" do NOT understand who they are in Christ, their enduring to the end might not hold. This final episode assists in the "how" all believers can remain faithful. 

Dr. Stephen Phinney offers a special thanks to Dr. David Jeremiah for the tutorage and content input into the "Number Seven Series."
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