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IOM is a USA/International not-for-profit organization. We do not have any paid employees on our staff – we are registered with our state and federal governments as having zero employees. This keeps our status with the government as a clean &  “selfless” non-profit. All of our “staff” are missionary donor-based members. That means that if people designate their donation toward a particular “staff member" and/or project – a donor check goes to them (or the project) when funds are available. The “staff member” receives that money under a “self-employed” status. We do this to avoid the sacrificial donations of our supporters being paid to the state and federal government for employee expenses, which oddly enough, the IRS supports. It maximizes our donor dollars. The result of all this is, our ministry lives “hand-to-mouth,” while servicing the global community with each of our outreach programs. 

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Jack Hibbs, Tim Wildmon, Randy Alcorn, Dennis Prager, Dr. David Jeremiah, Frank Friedmann, Jane Phinney, Dr. James Fowler, Andrew Torba, Sharon Lackey, Mark Maulding, Epoch Times, Dr. John Woodward, Don Moen, the late Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Max Lucado, and a host of others. We thank each for their contributions. 


Within – Israel, United States, Somalia, Canada, India, Iran, Burma, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Kenya, United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Pakistan, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Nigeria, Cote Divorie, Jamaica, Tanzania, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, Zambia, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Burundi, South Korea, Netherlands, Argentina, Nepal, Congo, Bulgaria, Japan, Barbados, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia, Greece, Czechia, Austria, Norway, Anguilla, Peru, Libera, Iraq, United Arb Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, Botswana, Portugal, Haiti, Malawi, and Switzerland.