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"Thank you for your well-balanced view of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It also reflected my views."

-Martin Luther King Jr.
The Article | The Man, Legend, and Preacher

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Reader, Janice Walker


I loved the post "The Supreme Attribute of God" today.  Sometimes I have gotten tired of being bludgeoned by preachers who are sure God's work will fail if I don't_____.  The work is His and His alone; yes, it is joy when we can participate.  Thank you, and many blessings for your day.


Viewer, Keith Radcliffe


I have listened to the first five episodes of Daniel. It is gratifying to know we have so much we agree on. So that you know, I have come to perceive that you are a genuine man of God. The series is inspiring and interesting! Thank you for sharing.


Reader, Tiffanie Kene


Hi Dr. Phinney, It was really great to read your post about Dr. King because my daughter and I just finished watching Selma wrap up the day honoring his life and work. Now, I would have chosen a documentary if it were just me, but she’s not as into those as I am, so we settled on Selma. HA!


When I was a child, I hardly took note of who this man was. All I knew was that he “had a dream,” and he did big things for the black communities in the south. Actually, it wasn’t until about three years ago that I really began to pay attention to who he was and what message he was conveying. Multiple articles and speeches pronounced his desire that we would all be unified as brethren. It was his Kingdom's focus on souls being unified, ultimately in Christ, that caught my attention. I have so much respect for what he did and how he chose non-violent protests to pave the way, all coupled with his love for the Lord. The way I see it, Christ was infused into his messages the entire time; they had a much deeper meaning than just social justice. But that’s my opinion, of course.


His approach is so far removed from today’s "black lives matter" movement, and it causes me deep sorrow. I agree that Dr. King would be offended by this so-called civil rights movement that demands a right to itself and reviles lighter-skinned people. I’m so grateful I can look the atrocity of these movements in the face and hope in Christ because, quite frankly, it’s all going to h-e-double hockey sticks in a basket.

Well of Inspiration, Donald Schuler


Stephen, great article, "A Seared Conscience." When the churches we went to in the past 30 years got bigger and bigger, it seemed to water down many folks' faith. Because we need the river of life flowing through us. We need to thirst for His word, not because of a guilt-seared conscience constructed of some devotion life, but because we have a heart of gratitude for what He has done in our lives. Having a perfectly constructed sermon doesn’t bring the thirst. Many of us didn’t keep growing in our faith and inadvertently served the enemy's camp. To chew on His word is so nourishing. If we take the time to put His word in, the Holy Spirit will enable it in our lives. If I could do a "do-over," the one thing I would is to get God's word in me more consistently and frequently. Instead, I got into the trap of raising kids and working hard to provide. The story of many of us.


Substack, Donald Schuler


Good write, Stephen, the "Oil in Your Lamp." I think we, the church, have gotten lazy. I think we just waited to be raptured. That this is not my home mentality. The next generation sees through this hypocrisy and rejects it but still considers they are believers because they said the sinner's prayer... when the groom comes for His church doesn’t it say the bride will be unsullied. Where does that put most of the church? Yes, heaven is a free gift, but the evidence of freedom in Christ is a life change. Imperfect but peaceful in the middle of a storm. Thanks.

Substack, Keith Radcliffe


Interesting post, "Unmasking for Life."  Thank you! I have talked with several in my neighborhood about masks - one woman, a medical worker, said she knows masks don't work, but she wears them because of fear. In the physical realm, we stand naked before God: And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13. But, God has provided us the spiritual new-self and our armor. Ephesians 4:24 and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. The evil among us believe that God is "masked": He has said in his heart, “God has forgotten; He hides His face; He will never see.” … Why do the wicked renounce God? He has said in his heart, “You will not require an account.” Psalms 10:11-13. The world has worked to train us in "learned helplessness", to ignore God and our salvation through the accomplishments of Jesus Christ. Our Lord has delivered us from the fear of death, so we do not need to live in fear.

Substack, Donald Schuler


Jane. Great write, Unmasking for Life! I, too, spent years not understanding others and their facades. We can easily get caught up in the. Oh, how are you doing? Greeaat! And accept the same when they are really not. Thinking we are being positive. It’s learning to recognize the folks in our life that we can help unmask, and they can with us. There are folks that only we can reach. That’s our call.

YouTube, Barbara Lowe


PTL! Thank you for a very good video, "The New Heaven & Earth." I learned more about the New Heavens and The New Earth than I'd already learned. Looking forward to more.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Yael Eckstein


Shalom, Stephen. God’s children have no better friends than people of faith like you who open the pages of Scripture and obey His command to bless and “comfort ye, comfort ye” His people (Isaiah 40:1).

Your friendship means more than anything. The world is fickle, turning its back on God and His children at every turn. But not you. NEVER you.

Substack, Kathy


Dr. Stephen, my heart was moved by your story, and I prayed for you. I am deeply affected by an organized bunch of bullies running the neighborhood. 

My story is difficult to tell because it is so unbelievable. This is the world we live in believe it's only going to change and get worse. Going to the authorities did not work only got me into more trouble for being a snitch. My apartment faces a busy street, and the effects are great on my body and health. I am 78 years old. I also have leg problems and other issues with torn shoulders and arthritis. For the most part, I know God is in control and has used this in my life. The physical effects of drugs are to me devastating, and of course, the loss of control. I am trying to live in the thoughts that we are positionally seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Clearly, my emotions are not going to agree.  I believe Christ is my life; He is in me, and I am in Him. 

Author, Dr. James Fowler


In the year of our Lord, 2022, I have been sustained by the grace of God in Jesus Christ day in and day out. With increasing health problems due to the disease of diabetes, I was given two days’ notice that my lower extremities would have to be amputated. The bilateral amputation of my feet and lower limbs (approximately 6-8 inches below the knee) was accomplished on March 25, 2022, at the Stone Oak Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX. Thereafter began the process of physical rehab and the eventual development of prosthetics (and additional rehab) to be able to walk and be ambulatory once again. In the weeks immediately following the surgery, I had some depressive “dark nights of the soul,” and even tempting thoughts of suicide from the death-dealing devil (cf. Heb. 2:14)

What has occurred in my bilateral amputations has drawn me closer to my Lord and made me more sensitive to the needs of others. I didn’t need those feet to continue to share my thoughts in writing.

Disciple Nations, Scott Allen


Thank you so much, Dr. Phinney! Your kind words of encouragement mean so much. I just looked over your beautiful website. Your ministry looks very intriguing and important. Keep up the great work. Warmly in Christ.

Kansas Mom, Tiffany Kene


Hello! I thoroughly enjoyed the Claiming Our Authority post and prayed the prayer at the end. I will keep that one nearby because it’s such a powerful prayer and reminder that I am in need of the Holy Spirit to understand the Word of God, and His Word is the final authority. Sooo good!


Author, Jim Wallace


Praise the Lord. I have thought of you and your ministry and how incredibly important the matter of identity in Christ is, as it was in my own ministry. God saved me from ministry run by my self-life by reminding me of the truth about whom I was, supernatural healing me on one occasion, and supernaturally reminding me of these truths on another. I have struggled with this through my ministry and through my life, and becoming clear on these issues is the only reason I have survived in ministry. Thank you! 

IOM Founder, Stephen Phinney


Recently I was verbally attacked by a family member over a five-hour period. It left me devastated. I slipped into the dark place of despair - questioning my validity of being in ministry. As I slept, nightmares filled my mind while I awakened to a dark sense of defeat. It was so dark that I reached out to a hand full of friends for prayer. Within an hour, the darkness lifted. Satan used this attack to question my identity. However, through the fellowship of the Saints, my real identity in Christ surfaced quickly. Folks, we need each other.    


Summit Ministries, Dr. Jeff Myers


Do. Not. Be. Afraid. This is the most frequent command in Scripture. The good news of Jesus dispels fear.      


In 2020, I was diagnosed with cancer. When the doctor told me, I was tempted to despair. Stephanie and I talked a lot about our hopes and dreams. God had given me a rich, full life. Was it about to end?


Cancer is hard. So is the treatment. My fellow patients and I weren’t just battling disease. We were battling hopelessness.


But God does not leave us during dark times. He does not forsake us. Even when things seem bleak, He is writing a counter-story.


Early last summer, after 66 intense infusions of chemo, I visited my doctor on a Wednesday afternoon. He looked at my test results, smiled, and said, “Get out of here. You’re too healthy to be here.”     


Learning that my cancer was in remission was welcome news. But even if the reports had not been good, my hope is still in the Good News of Great Joy, that Jesus has come to make all things new. That starry night in Bethlehem changed everything. 

Pastor, Kenya, Joseph Natembeya


Dear Dr. Phinney, " Where is He who has been born king of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him. ( Matt. 2:2).


On behalf of my  Family and Ministry, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support, financial and spiritual teachings, and heartfelt prayers this past year and other years. Your partnership with us made a significant difference in my life and the ministry, blessing and encouraging me, my family, and the ministry at large in meaningful and substantial ways. I and my family and the church wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2023. Amen!! Your son, Joseph

Pastor, Dave Alston


Excellent article, "Pimping Beggars," Stephen! It is amazing the timing of this article. I started reading it a couple of days ago... then within a couple of hours, I had a conversation with someone in Dubai. He reported exactly the same thing! He had substantially supported orphans and the distressed via a church in an African country. He then flew over at the end of 2021 to visit the church. Ended up staying months uncovering abuse of all the funds... virtually nothing actually got to the desperate village areas and helpers looking after the poor. Instead, “The Church” took the money and enjoyed lavish lifestyles... they even tried to get him to donate nigh on $20K for a ‘new work’ for a gold cross to go in the building! Arriving at services in limos and private jets! I tremble for these people. Jesus notices every single ‘widow's mite’ and the heart that gives it. Woe to the wicked that steal it to make themselves fat. Bless you, brother.


YouTube Corporate


Dr. Phinney, way to create a community and culture unlike any other! Cheers to doing it your way this year – now celebrate your 2022 numbers, 492.K views, 1M watch time minutes, and 696 new subscribers, not to mention over 8M viewers to date. We can’t wait to see you put your spin on 2023. Never stop exploring your creativity! Keep inspiring, stay playful, and bond with new fans along the way.


Randy Alcorn


Stephen, Paul wasn’t telling us, “Stop enjoying life,” but rather “Start enjoying the good life—the true and abundant life! Take pleasure in all God’s gifts to you.” He wasn’t telling us “Don’t care about treasures” but “Enjoy the superior treasures and joys of generosity.” Our Father doesn’t prize our misery or insist that we live a life of stoic sacrifice. Rather, the Creator delights in our joy. Who should enjoy God’s world more than God’s people, who know and love Him as their loving Father? The things we love are not merely the best this life has to offer—they are previews of the greater life to come. So we simultaneously feel profound gratitude for what He gives us now and great anticipation for the treasures He promises us in the world to come.

Iron Sharpens Iron, Brian Doyle


Yes, to giving to Christ-centered ministries to rescue people in need. But a strong "yes" also to investing in ministries that work to stop the cycle of brokenness that causes people, mostly women and children, the need to be rescued. IOM shares with us as a Christ-centered ministry to men because - did you know that nearly every nonprofit ministry has been created due to MEN failing to be the men Almighty God created them to be?  

Phil Robertson

As Christians around the globe enter into this season, I pray that we will remember that the majesty of his birth was not that he was simply a cute little baby but that he was “God in flesh appearing.” That’s the beauty of Christmas: God, who created us in his image, was willing to humble himself and come as a vulnerable newborn baby.


Author, Dave Alston


Thank you for writing "Prophecy: An American Scientist,"  Stephen. Very clear and helpful. And especially for folk like me who don’t follow what’s going on in detail.

Most times, I am like, “Thank you LORD for Psalm 91, whatever evil is being cooked up in labs!” That said, we need clear writing to share what’s going on (and help warn others) for sure... Plus, enjoy wee nuggets like this... “Human history places this viral implosion between 1200 to 1500 BC - the Biblical timestamp of Moses releasing God's people from Egypt.” Well said. Bless you.


Author, Keith Radcliffe


I appreciate the details that you brought to life in your "Prophecy: The Birth of Our King" to the expansive story about the birth of our Messiah. There is much to learn and to be thankful for.


Author, Jim Richardson


Highly recommend the book, "This Preeminent Darkness." I’m only in the first chapter, and I’m already hooked. Stephen is a believer who holds fast to Scripture as delivered once to all the saints, undiluted and uncorrupted by today's drifting moral compass. Anyway, gotta get back to reading. Thank you, Stephen.

Moss Foot


Dr. Phinney, as you developed the passage of Romans 13:1-2, your teachings about these two Bible verses, a young boy in the name of Eloic succeeded and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of his life in our morning cell of the house in Bukavu. Thank you very much for your biblical teachings. 

Valentine Rangel


I was neurotic for a long time in my life. I went to Vietnam as a Marine. I married less than a year and had a baby girl. I left the Catholic Church searching for happiness. One day I discovered a book called HANDBOOK TO HAPPINESS AND VICTORIOUS LIVING by Dr. Charles Solomon. I went to Denver of Grace Fellowship International to attend their workshop. It took a while for me to come to the end of myself and discover Christ as life. I was blind, but now I Live!

Senator, Jerry Moran


Knowing the views of Kansans is important to me as I work to represent them in the United States Senate. Thank you for sharing your opposition to the Respect for Marriage Act (RMA).


On November 29, 2022, I voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that recognizes same-sex marriage under the Constitution. All Americans should be treated equally and with dignity and respect. Knowing there are protections under multiple Supreme Court rulings for same-sex marriage, I hoped to see greater protections for religious freedom in the RMA. While I appreciate my colleagues taking steps to protect religious freedom, the bill’s lack of clarity for people of faith in churches, schools, non-profits, and businesses continues to pose a threat to the religious freedom of Americans guaranteed by the First Amendment. I voted in favor of three amendments that would clarify and strengthen protections for people of sincerely-held beliefs, but each failed to be adopted. The RMA passed 61-36, and will go to President Biden to be signed into law.


I am grateful for the opportunity Kansans have given me to serve them in the United States Senate. If you are interested in learning more about my efforts on your behalf, I encourage you to visit Please let me know if I can be of service to you or your family in the future.



Santhosh Chellappan


Urgent prayer request for the family of Evangelist Pratap Singh, 42 years. A Hindu convert. Last night Hindu fanatics killed him by beating him brutally and burnt him alive. In 2019, he left his home for a job and stayed in a city with the people doing the same work he was doing, and through them, he came to Christ.

Six months back, he returned to his village and started sharing the Gospel and attracting many to Christ. He was the only person who knew about Christ in his entire village. His family and the entire village people asked him to turn back to Hinduism and not to preach about Jesus Christ. His village is famous for witchcraft and idol worship. But his love for Christ compelled him to preach the Gospel, and as a result, some of his friends accepted Christ into their lives and started a prayer fellowship in a public park where many Hindus and some of his relatives came and attacked them last night. They caught, brutally killed him by putting petrol on him, and burnt him alive to ash.

His wife and children are afraid to file a complaint at the police station. I request you to please pray for his family and those with whom he shared the Gospel that the Gospel will grow there, and the entire village will realize that Jesus Christ is the Lord. Let us unite in prayer for India as persecution of Christians is increasing here in India every day. Many churches are closed or destroyed; many Gospel workers are in jail.

Katana Hassan


I am blessed to let you know that I was privileged to attend one of the IOM America conferences by Bishop Charles. He gave each participant 5 copies of the Identity Matters Workbook, which has been a big help to me here in the refugee camps.

I arrived one week ago from the Mombasa conference, and God is already doing big miracles through the systematic self-discovery spiritual workbook. Here we have more than 250,000 refugees drawn from Somali and Ethiopia - 98 % are Muslims.

Through group teachings, self-reading, and your Identity Matters Workbook, we shall be able to reach so many. May God bless you for the good work.


Charles Mwanda


I had a remote village reach out to me that overjoyed my heart. How wonderful when people are reached with good news.IOM America is becoming the foundation for those who would never think such true gospel will reach them.

False teachers and prophets are flourishing and taking advantage of village ignorance by swaying innocent people with false teachings. With more and more teachings and self-reading methods especially in family setup, things will change.


Santhosh Chellappan


The greatest thing that I have ever done in my life is that I accepted Christ into my life today. I am happy at this young age I received a new life that rest of my life I can live peacefully, Abhishek said this.


Abhishek, 19 years, a college student was invited to our house church by one of the youths in the fellowship. He is from a Hindu family. Request your prayers for his parents and younger brother that they also will come to Christ soon.


Coming to Christ alone from a family that is fully devoted to the Hindu religion and still living in the same atmosphere is difficult and may face tough opposition from other members of the family. So, please pray for Abhishek.


It was the first time he is seeing Bible and he was so happy when I gave him a new Bible in his own language.


Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us and our ministry. You are in my heart and prayers. Praise the Lord. Lord.


IOM Mombasa Center


FIRST GRADUATING CLASS: Our meeting in the camp was very successful. We finished yesterday. We had small group meetings, and finally, we gave out IOM certificates for the young and old, who will be further trained and equipped to evangelize and equip others in discipleship classes.


Keep praying that we don't stop going on. Thank you for the financial help you gave us. I added my contribution of 2,300 dollars to print books and certificates.


My wife's business has gone down but pray that it picks up again. The business has helped a lot to support the ministry & work of IOM America.


Next week we need to go to Turkana, the semi-arid region.


God is calling His people to wake up and invest their time, energy, and finances for the Gospel to reach the unreached.


We thank God for you. We keep praying for you.



XL-Church Member


I wanted to share how your care and concern for our little fellowship, by way of praying and seeking the Spirit in your desire to build us up in our spiritual gifts, greatly blessed me. When you were sharing about how you spent time praying for us and over the Word cards, I felt the Father's love pour out of you onto us. It was tangible as you pleaded with us to listen and begin to meditate and incorporate the Words into our lives. Thank you for being a Father type over us and encouraging us to desire the Lord's richness that can only be experienced through true intimacy with Him. 

Timothee Niyonkuru


I greet you my coordinator I would like to work with you openly here in Burundi and to open your office ministry here nice to hear from you. Your ministry impacts the world over.

Frank Friedmann


As a teacher, my number one passion is to help people understand the truth as revealed in the Holy Spirit-inspired Scriptures. Tragically, if people do not understand how to interpret the Scriptures they will slip into error as they make the Bible proclaim whatever they wanted to proclaim. Leading people into freedom also requires the courageous step of pointing out the errors that people believe. This may not allow such a one to be popular, but being popular was never the agenda of a new covenant teacher. This has been the heart of my own ministry and I believe it is the heart of IOM. It was easy to partner with IOM because they share the same heart of not only proclaiming the truth but exposing the multitude of lies that the enemy hurls at the church in order to keep the church from fully experiencing the freedom that is their birthright in Christ.


Rev. Daniel D. Nawara

It’s as though you pinned it from the table of God, your writings communicate exactly what you talk about. Thank You for this!

Babu & Sara Sharat

Thank you so much for all your LOVE and glorious writings and media all these years. It has blessed Voice of the Gospel in many ways. Please continue to pray for us as IOM guides us for LORDS WORK IN INDIA.

Pastor Charles Mwanda


Today was the most blessed day I have ever come across. I was invited to give a word during a students symposium where 7 high schools had come together. I decided to print out your message of "Identity," which I taught through, as well as share a few prints with teachers.

The result is unbelievable. A senior officer in the ministry of education has requested that I ask you to compile your messages into hardcopy books to help reform and deal with the unethical, moral decline in schools. I hope you have heard of rampant school strikes and fires in Kenya.

Roberto Fuentez

I was blessed & encouraged by your article on the prophecy statue that’s on the UN visitor square. But also about the incarceration of Christ, and also the article by Tony Evans. I plan to send more texts to my friends and family about what I am learning through IOM America. Thank you a whole lot.

Dal of Nepal

Very glad to get the opportunity to join the Zoom meeting here in Nepal. If possible please send that video and brochure. Thank you so much! May God bless you abundantly.

Rob Parlante

It was great being on last night's Zoom Masterclass on the state of the church - listening to different perspectives on the church. My vision is to start small Grace Based Fellowships / Churches around the country - bring the Church to them, instead of them trying to come to us! Thank you for your input.

Raju Paharia

I hope that you are well by grace the Lord Jesus Christ with your family. I am also well in Christ. I would like to know the link regarding your online church by zoom. I would like to join in with your XL-Church. 

Bishop Thomas Justin Mapira

I really thank you for the wonderful messages you always send me. Continue connecting me to your life-changing messages. 

Kathy Garcia

I am very thankful and read almost everything you post. You are a great encouragement to many. Thank you, for it is truly a difficult time we live in.

Yesurantnam Undrajavarapu

Respected IOM America. Greetings to you from India in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am a pastor, here in Prakash Nanda. I am receiving your email letters daily with messages and information from the Bible. I am reading and understanding well. I am a committed follower in faith and service here in India.

Alex Nilamel

Your piece on 'Checklist Christians' is excellent. Although I have never been that sort of a person, the article is very helpful in Christian Counseling.  At 86 I tend to turn to mentoring and that is not easily taken by some obtuse guys. I go beyond Gal.2:20 which is the foundation stone of Grace Counseling; to John 15:4-6 based on my personal life and experience. I was in association with Mike Wells. Thank you for the article which certainly will strike a chord with 'Checklist Christians.  

Barnabas Oluwaleye

Your contents are super-rich and contemporary in nature. God bless you for the great work you are doing. Stay healthy and safe.

Edouard Kyetile

I thank you very much for the teachings!

Pastor Haroon Masih

Shalom IOM. We are translating your Biblical material into our National language Urdu. We working on your sermons in the same language. We thank you for the most excellent material. 




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