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We are building a better tomorrow. In a world that makes Christianity anything you make it, IOM America is bringing the believer back to the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you invest in His work in us, you are advancing the indwelling Life of Jesus!

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IOM Individual & Estate Planned Giving

IOM America is a tax-deductible non-profit. Each of our outreach ministries, and the budgets that sustain them, are cared for by gracious donors - like you. Without the giving from readers/viewers, we could not do what we do. Even though our dependence is on Jesus Christ, we understand that He maintains His work through givers from and through the Body of Christ.

IOM America is also an accepted donor base with the National Philanthropic Trust.  It is a venue for individuals who wish to set up Estate Planned Giving - details below. Charlie Lemaire, our Grants Agent, will be eager to assist you in the application process. 

For individual/private giving, we provide the following links for those who are led. Thank you!

IOM Board of Directors

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Millions of ministries & churches of all sizes use Stripe online and in person to accept donations, send subscription payouts, automate non-profit financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue.IOM America has complete trust in this service. It is safe & reliable.

Venues For Monthly Giving

This fund supports the missionary salary of Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Phinney

This fund supports the missionary salary of the Executive Assistant, Jessi Phinney

This fund supports the operational cost of IOM America.

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Phinney Support >>

Jessi Phinney Support >>

This fund supports the missionary salaries of IOM America's volunteers worldwide.

IOM General Fund Support >>

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This year we celebrate twenty-two years of IOM America. For those of you who are new to our ministry, IOM stands for Institute of Ministry. We began our humble beginnings in Phoenix, AZ. Our mission? Provide a quality Christ-as-Life discipleship ministry for the Body of Christ. We began with 15 online followers. Today, we reach several million inboxes annually. God has blessed our outreach. 2023 final report is available today. 

Annual 2022 Report HERE  |  Annual 2023 Report HERE

IOM International Missions Support >>


Our ministry was started under the name of "Release Ministries" back in 1986. We changed the name to IOM America in 2001 under the direction of a friend of Dr. Phinney, who was the Director of the US Department of Labor. His thinking was to support the founder's passion to rebuild America or reestablish a faith-centered governance of the United States. Since those early years, IOM America has focused on the believer's identity in Christ, while advancing faith in Christ within our political advisors and leaders. Out of this change, our subtitle, Christ, Culture & Creator was born. Organically, 2023 marks our thirty-seventh anniversary

Give when you can. Grant when it’s needed.

  • A DONOR-ADVISED FUND, or DAF, is a giving account established at a public charity. It allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time.  Donors can contribute to the fund as frequently as they like and then recommend grants to their favorite charitable organizations whenever it makes sense for them.

  • DAFs have become popular partly because of their versatility, allowing donors to give when, what, how, and where is most favorable for them. There are many reasons donors choose a donor-advised fund as a philanthropic giving vehicle. Charitable giving with a donor-advised fund can be tax-efficient to build a charitable legacy. 

Review the details at National Philanthropic Trust. If you decide to establish a Donor-Advised Fund, please contact Dr. Stephen Phinney, who will connect you to the IOM America NPT agent. Thank you.

Our meeting in the camp was very successful. We finished yesterday. We had small group meetings, and finally, we gave out IOM certificates for the young and old, who will be further trained and equipped to evangelize and equip others in discipleship classes. -Mombasa, Kenya  |  Read more IM Stories


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