The 'Woke' Church

Dr. Stephen Phinney

What happened to the church? Why are most hosting social justice topics over that of delivering the authentic Gospel?

The obvious answer – these so-called churches are filled with minds who are void of the reason & purpose OF the church. When you have a church filled with depraved minds, you get depraved results – a dead church.

If you are new to the term ‘woke,’ culturally, it is an obsession over racial and social justice issues.

Could it be the church of Sardis was the ‘woke’ church of today?

Each of the Seven churches was assigned a specific ministry to accomplish the mission God gave to each of the seven angels of the Lord. God rarely, if ever, speaks in general terms. Most, I believe, of His actions are specific and ordained with a particular mission assigned to each, especially when it comes to the Spirits, angels, and leaders of His Holy Church, the Body of Christ.

Sardis carried a reputation of being a church that was alive; although, God points out clearly that it is “just a reputation,” and in reality, they are as dead as a church doornail. Sardis took advantage of mankind looking upon the outward appearance and forgot that God looks upon the inside of mankind—the heart. In modern times, we are quite guilty of this: big churches, nice clothes, published books, radio/television ministries, fancy houses, and believe it or not, minsters who are being ushered around in limousines. It gives a grave appearance that they are popular and productive in the Christian world when, in reality, they are dead.