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Door to Door Vaccines

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Back in the late 80s, when speaking at a conference on the topic of "The New Age & Christianity," I predicted a day would arrive when the Federal Government would arrive on the door-steps of American citizens to conduct a 'Religious Census.'

As soon as I heard the now socialist White House Administration announced their plan to conduct 'door-to-door vaccine' health surveys, these words came back to haunt me. Little did I realize that those words bordered on prophecy. So much so, I did what I always do – research the hidden agenda behind such an intrusion.

The 'Door to Door Vaccine' is as controversial as the vaccine itself. The Federal government is presenting it as a method to rid the COVID virus from America. However, since our country was turned over to a socialist/Marxist system of governance, we need to analyze the probability of a more sinister motive.

While 52% of Americans consider this violation acceptable & needed, there are resistors scattered throughout our nation – claiming it is a blatant violation of privacy. Furthermore, the government has associated these individuals with the conservative branch of Christianity. Since both of these conclusions are true, the need for a 'map' of sorts came into play. A method to map out the resistors within our country. I don't know about you, but this depraved logic demands a question. What does the government plan to do with these 'resistors'? That is the question of the hour.

The topical answer spans from forced (mandated) vaccinations to tagging your home with a sign that states your home is unsafe for public visitors. Since history tends to repeat itself, we can expect the same method Hitler used in marking the Jews with tattooed numbers, put signs on their business identifying them as Jews, and ultimately taking them to a place to remove them from Hitler's 'perfect society.' OK, I agree this sounds crazy. However, this method of separating resistors from the accepted ‘critical race’ has been used for centuries. While Hitler’s method was barbaric, in our digital age, this madness method will be far more Big Tech friendly.

It is always a challenge to write about tomorrow’s news today. People bound by the present are also the same people who fear looking into the possibilities of tomorrow, let alone carefully studying the proven prophecies stated in the Holy Word. The results of this navel-gazing modality are simple. The brave individuals who step up to warn the people of Satan’s sinister motives and plans are viewed as conspirators – minimally that they are wrong. Ironically, when you look into the Bible, God intentionally places prophets throughout each generation, gives each ‘warnings’ to the people of the things yet to come. God even concludes the Bible by way of Revelation’s book to fulfill all His stated prophecies. But yet, people don’t believe it until it is on their doorstep. And even then, most minimalize it.

Here is an example. While most ‘Christians’ believe the Bible’s prophecies regarding the ‘mark of the antichrist,’ few connect the dots to Hitler marking the Jews. Doing a fast-forward, fewer connect the dots that the antichrist needs to set up a global society to mark those who have joined his system and separate the resistors from being a part of his global economy, social type justice & religious freedom act. He knows he cannot do what he wants to do unless the people are stupid sheep. As in the case of Hitler and many other tyrannical leaders, ignorance is bliss. The truth being said, ignorance is the doorway to stupidity.

A senseless man has no knowledge, nor does a stupid man understand this… (NASB Psa 92:6)

The prophet Jeremiah said these words spoken by God through him.

"For My people are foolish, they know Me not; They are stupid children and have no understanding. They are shrewd to do evil, but to do good they do not know." (Jer 4:22)

When I evaluate the present condition of ‘God’s people,’ I have to admit, the word stupid comes to mind. My conclusion is the same as stated in Jeremiah’s book, God’s people are foolish, and in His reality, they know God not. Fake Christians are dominating the world of marginal Christianity. While they tout Christ-following IS Christianity, they are ignorant of the difference between being indwelt by the Holy Spirit vs. believing in what Christ says. Again, ironically, they only tout the comfort passages like ‘love’ and ‘grace’ while avoiding the negative aspects of Scripture, particularly the up and coming Judgement of our Lord.

I believe Satan takes pleasure in the Fake Christian movement. Think about it. What greater deception is t