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God In The Gray

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Finding God in the Gray: the Lonely Path of Pain

In a previous newsletter, I advised you that our new book, “Finding God in the Gray: The Lonely Path of Pain” would soon be released. We invited you, as led by the Spirit, to join our launch team and get the word out about this new resource to help hurting people.

"Finding God in the Gray: The Lonely Path of Pain" is out now and available to purchase!

From today until noon on Monday (October 25), “Finding God in the Gray” will be available to you for a significantly reduced launch price.

We are asking that you secure the book through Amazon during this time before the price returns to its regular retail value. (Not ready to buy yet? Learn more about the book here.)

Please read the book, provide a positive review and recommendation on Amazon, and subsequently, recommend the book to your friends and family on all your social media outlets. Research has shown that a personal recommendation from a friend is the best way to advertise a book.

This book was written with the specific purpose of helping the hurting people in this world find God in a way they never knew Him, so they could journey through what they may not be able to ever get over.

Your participation in this launch will help us accomplish that purpose.

Thank you for partnering with us in the proclamation of the truth that sets men free.

"Finding God in the Gray" is timely, relevant and hits straight to the heart of the loneliness that many Body members suffer in our unpredictable world. I believe this book just might become a Christian classic. - Dr. Stephen Phinney

Join Dr. Phinney as he conducts a book interview with Frank Friedmann in an up and coming Zoom dialogue. Learn more. HERE