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I Will Not Be Silenced

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Passivity is the greatest enemy of the Gospel!

In evaluating the present condition of the Body of Christ, we discover a mystery that separates the sheep from the goats - the silencing of the lambs.

Look into our society today. What do you see? If you are alert to the scheme of the enemy of God, most likely you will see the church slipping into the modality of blending the values, and core doctrines of the Word of God in with the lukewarm mindset of the antichrist. The results of this madness method is the 'sting of death,' co-burial in Christ, and the Resurrection Life fades into the emergent Social Gospel.

Often times I am asked, "Why is the Social Gospel dangerous?" The quick answer is, the Social Gospel considers relationship more important than doctrines. The more complex answer is a bit more disturbing - people who propagate the Social Gospel define the authentic Gospel through self-life experience. It is better communicated as "the feeling based gospel."

Since the Social Gospel is the religious global view of Socialism, they both provide the root deception to the captivation of all religious people into one world religion. Both ideations are rooted in a feeling based belief system. However, the objective of both are to eliminate the freedom of liberty. Meaning, the conservative branches of Biblical worldview become frustrated in asserting sound doctrines of God's absolute Word - fearing condemnation, and being bullied into silence. Sad to say, this demonic ideation works with most fake & real believers in Christ. Keeping in mind, the leading ramification is silence provokes passivity. Thus, passivity enacts silencing the lambs of the Living God, which ultimately removes the testimonies of, and for Jesus Christ.

The Ultimate Challenge:

Equipping the authentic Saints of Jesus Christ is a massive challenge. Since the leading social misnomer accepted by our present culture is anti-authority, when the real Gospel is presented in an authoritive manner, the masses default to this cultural ideation. If you are blocked from presenting authority as the foundation of ushering in conviction, the listeners will default to, You are not my daddy, while being passive in answering the question, Who is your daddy?

Here is the clincher.

There are only two "daddies" - the father of lies (Satan) & God the Father. When you encounter an individual who separates these primaries into other father figures, you have a confession. Unless authoritative figures are under, and being managed by God the Father, each are to be identified as being under the "father of lies." This kind of clarity of authority provokes a growing movement of hostility. No one places themselves under authority. All of humanity is born under the limited authority of the "father of lies." (Romans 6 & Galatians 2:20) To get out from being under this horrific position of slavery, one must be crucified with Christ, buried with Him, and then, only then can the individual be translated into being under the authority of God the Father. If, or when that happens, the "Christian" becomes responsible to adhere to all elders of the Word as long as this leader is in line with the absolutes of God's Word. Although, this activates self-as-god for the interpretation of this Holy mandate. Therefore, this is a fruitless mission unless the Holy Spirit confirms the authentic Truth given to us through the Scriptures.

Most abhor the idea of slavery.

Today, research reveals slavery, racism, sexism, and poverty are the leading ideological issues that provoke hostility or resistance. However, I would like to point out that slavery is at the top of the pile. Since all of humanity is born as a slave to the "father of lies," Satan, all are forced into slavery. Due to Adam & Eve's act of rebellion, both placed humanity under the master of the "father of lies" - via the seed line of Adam. Thus, slavery became obligatory and not an act of choice. As most understand, slaves need to be purchased to transfer ownership. The price that Christ was burden with was His Life. Remembering, God the Father honored this system of releasing a slave. He kept to the rules. He, God, put this price tag onto His Son. Jesus knew He had to go to the Cross of death to pay this payment. And, He willingly paid the price that was required by the old master - death. While Satan thought he had finally won this mastery battle, he didn't expect Jesus to be resurrected. Furthermore, he didn't expect the Father to place Jesus's resurrected Life into authentic believers on the day of Pentecost. Finally, he certainly didn't plan for the acts of indwelling Life to be the standard from Pentecost forward; to release millions through the generations from being under the slavery of sin, to being bond-slaves unto Christ.

What is a demonic master to do?

Folks, this is theology 101. Satan developed a system of deception - that of silencing the lambs of God. It is probable that he thinks that if he can silence the real-deal believers, the authentic Gospel, transferring mastery, will fix Jesus's plans to reach an enslaved people with the conversion of Jesus coming to live in born-again believers. Sad to say, his plan is working. This clearly confirms what Jesus said, The road to destruction is wide, and many are on it. The road to Heaven is narrow, and few are on it.

We must remember, God is not into numbers, He is into gathering the faithful few who authentically honor Him as God, accept Jesus as their Life, and remain committed to the absolute doctrines and requirements to enter the gate, which grants eternal Life to all who enter by His indwelling faith.

Here is one solution to this demonic demise.

I would like to recommend a book to you, We Will Not Be Silenced. Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer prepares readers to live out their convictions against a growing tide of hostility. Gain a Biblical understanding of nonbelievers' legitimate hurts and concerns regarding issues like racism, slavery, sexism and poverty - while identifying the toxic responses secular culture disguises as their solution. In the process, readers will see how they can show compassion and gentleness to those outside of the indwelling faith of Christ without affirming their depraved beliefs.

We Will Not Be Silenced will ready you to move beyond fear and boldly accept the challenge of releasing and representing Jesus Christ to a world that is readying the antichrist to capture his final position in global thought and beliefs. Jesus needs you as a willing vessel to accomplish the closing of the chapter of humanity.

Consider reviewing/ordering this book. HERE

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