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Trendy Suicide

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

SUICIDE | An Illicit Lover

Who would ever have thought that suicide would become a trendy idea?

Not long ago, suicide was considered a cold, clinical analysis of a depressed person.


The death statistics of our youth portray suicide as a trendy and responsible thing to do. It is like our youth are flirting with death, almost like an illicit love affair with their self-life.

Suicide, with its sinister allies, oppression, hopelessness, despair, and worse yet, to gain attention, provides our youth ample reasons to end their lives.

Since the outbreak of our global pandemic, statistics reveal that suicide is not only at its highest percentage, but now, it has become the popular thing to do.


That is to their self-life. The answer is in God’s Word. God offers a permanent solution – not a relief of symptoms or an alternative lifestyle, but a New Life in Christ. As a professional counselor, allow me to recommend the primary resource I use – a small and simple book, “Suicide, The Illicit Lover.” This is not a book of defeat but victory. Beginning with death, you will be led into life, abundant life of victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Contact us directly. We will do whatever we can to get you the help you need.

I care deeply about this trending demise and how it is stealing our loved ones. There is hope and life available to all those who suffer. Please don’t submit to this dark temptation. Jesus wants to take you from death to Life.

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