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Update on Mother Israel

Shalom from the Jezreel Valley in Israel! Tuesday marked one month since the horrific events of October 7. The people of my country are still recovering, like trying to get your breath back after being punched in the stomach.



We are wounded, we are mourning, we are reeling. What we are not is helpless. Hamas thought they could hit us hard enough to take away our spirit, our hope, our unity. They miscalculated, and now they are paying an extremely high price.

Because one month has passed, I want to take this newsletter to reset ourselves. I think it is necessary to not let time soften the sting of what took place. However, it is also important to look at where we are now, and to see what Israel and the world can expect in the near future.

The Past

On October 7 at 6:30 in the morning, more than 3000 Hamas terrorists and Gazan civilians crossed the border into Israel. They didn’t just have murder on their minds. They were also intent on committing torture, rape, and kidnapping. All four of their goals were accomplished in the most evil and horrific ways. We cannot forget the indiscriminate rape and slaughter at the music festival. We cannot let the stories of children tortured and killed in front of their parents, of a pregnant woman being torn open and a knife being plunged into her unborn child, of two stacks of ten children each who were set fire and burned alive, of husbands being forced to watch their wives being raped before they were executed with a bullet to their heads. Time can morph those actions into just a number – more than 1400 killed. That number is tragic, but it is clinical. We must never forget what that number represents – 1400 acts of the most barbaric evil this world has seen.

We must also remember that there are at least 240 hostages still being held by Hamas and Gazan civilians. Many are children of all ages, even down to infants. Many are women, from teens on up. They are being brutalized beyond comprehension. I recently posted on my Telegram a Palestinian woman explaining how the Koran taught that female prisoners of war should be “humiliated” in the worst possible ways. When the hostages are finally freed, they will spend a lifetime processing through the trauma they have experienced.

Once again I ask, if this had been done to your country, how would you expect your government to react? The Israeli leadership has responded by saying that those responsible will pay, and the military will ensure that our enemy is not around to do this again. That is what has been taking place in Gaza and on our northern border with Lebanon.

The Present

Of the billions of dollars that has been sent to Gaza for humanitarian relief, most of it has found its way into the pockets of Hamas’s leadership and into the vast tunnel system they built underground. What they created in their “city below the city” is really quite amazing, and I just wonder what sort of thriving society they could have right now if they had invested that money into their people and their culture rather than into their futile life’s mission