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Will Not Be Silenced

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Jack Hibbs

Two of our favorite teachers, Dr. David Jeremiah & Jack Hibbs, are recommending a book to assist indwelt Christians to stand courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity. 'Cancel Culture' has shifted their focus to Christianity. While most think this depraved movement has no effect on believers, soon each will awaken to the reality that our enemy is using this movement to silence the Christians.

Erwin Lutzer's book, "We Will Not Be Silenced," addresses this concern. -Dr. Phinney

Dear IOM Readers,

Are you fearful of being a victim of the Cancel Culture movement? Or frustrated because you feel you can’t assert biblical truth without facing condemnation? You are not alone.

In his latest book, We Will Not Be Silenced, Erwin Lutzer unravels the complex issues facing Christians in a society that has weaponized race, gender, sexuality, and more to divide individuals and undermine freedom.

Each chapter will help you better understand nonbelievers’ legitimate hurts and concerns and identify the toxic responses secular culture disguises as solutions.

We are living at a time that poses unique challenges requiring bold actions. For those who are ready to speak up, We Will Not Be Silenced will inspire you to confidently represent Christ and show compassion and gentleness to those outside of the faith without affirming their beliefs.

I urge you to equip yourself to offer the voice of truth, and I can’t think of a better resource than the one this book provides.

Awaiting His Return,

For any size donation, you can receive this book. Details HERE.

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