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Kissed Into Life

Frank Friedmann

Let’s ponder today... How it could have been, versus how it was:

In the various tasks of life, there are many different ways that we can accomplish the tasks at hand. For example, when I my lawn! I have multiple options available to me in terms of how I accomplish that task. I can edge first, then weed-eat and trim, and then mow. Or I could mow first, then weed-eat and trim, and then edge. Or I could... - You get the idea!

As Creator, when God made the decision to create mankind, there were many various options available to Him, in terms of how He created us. When He created the birds, and the sky, and the earth, the method He chose was "to speak" those things into being. Wonderful!

But when it came to man, God chose a very different method. First, He made man with His own hands. Significant? I think so. Like an artist creating a sculpture, God made our bodies special and unique. As such, we are to treat them with respect and dignity. Take for example, the human spine. It is a powerful apologetic for the existence of God. It has intelligent design. It is a incredibly strong so it can function as a pillar to support out entire body. Yet it can flex, extend, bend, twist and absorb severe shock, yet rebound from that shock because of its elasticity. One medical doctor refers to our spine as a true superhero. As Ps 139 declares, "We are fearfully and wonderfully made." But we are not done yet!

We need to go further into the marvel of our created being. That fearfully and wonderfully God-made body was not yet alive. Here again, God could have chosen to just “speak life to us” like he did with His previous creation, and we would have been alive. Instead, He chose to "breathe the breath of life into us." The Hebrew words there can mean to inspire or to inflate. Significant? Absolutely, and missed by so many of us. We must remember that God never does anything without meaning and purpose.

May I suggest that you ponder how glorious this method is, in terms of bringing us to life? He brought His face to ours, and breathed into us. This is an act of intimacy, reflecting the glory of the purpose for which He created us. Genesis tells us that human beings were created in His image. That cannot be said of any of His other incredible creations. Our creation was unique. We were made like Him, so we could share life with Him, demonstrated by this most intimate act on His part of bringing us to life. We were birthed in face-to-face intimate relationship with our Creator.

Dare we say it? Yes, I believe with all my heart that we should not only say it, but herald it to all who will have ears to hear. He literally "kissed us into life." And what is a kiss? It is an intimate expression of love. God did not speak us into life, He kissed us into life with a kiss of love. He wanted us to know from the very beginning of our existence, that our purpose in being created was to share an intimate relationship of love with Him.

Now let’s personalize it. He loved you from the very beginning and loves you still today. When He created you as a part of humanity, He breathed life into you. When you as a part of humanity went astray into sin, He came for us, as us, as a man, “to breathe out His life” in death on the cross for our sins. He did that so He could breathe life back into you, by the Holy Spirit. Through your faith in Jesus, you were “kissed back into life” with Him. What amazing love, that would refuse to let us miss the purpose for which we were created!

Oh, my goodness! We are His unique creation, designed to breathe in His life and love, as we share intimate relationship with Him, Who is not only our Creator and King, but our Lover – Who gives us Himself! WOW!

I want to say more, but there are no words available for me to define or describe the wonder and glory of Who He is to us. I am stunned, and I hope you are too!

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