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The Apocalypse

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. David Jeremiah

Good morning IOM Friend,

Remember the last time you visited a museum?

How was it?

You’re allowed to say “boring”! Museums, after all, are typically monuments to the past.

But now imagine something completely different...a museum of the future. And not just any future: your future!

The fact is, there is a series of events coming soon which will never be documented in a museum—because once these events occur, the world as we know it will be gone. I am referring to the book of Revelation...where God gives us a preview of these coming events.

A journey through the book of Revelation is like visiting the most fascinating museum ever—the museum of your future!

Revelation paints a picture of coming prophetic events, how and where they’ll take place, and how you can prepare for them. And I want to help you understand it all. Consider me your museum curator as we launch Signs: Undeniable Prophesies of the Apocalypse on weekday Turning Point Television!

IMTV | Identity Matters Productions | Prophecies of The Apocalypse

Visit IMTV. We host many videos on this topic. HERE Apocalypse Series HERE

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