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Equipping Individuals In Christ

Praise the Lord. I have thought of you and your ministry and how incredibly important the matter of identity in Christ is, as it was in my own ministry. God saved me from ministry run by my self-life by reminding me of the truth about whom I was, supernatural healing me on one occasion, and supernaturally reminding me of these truths on another. I have struggled with this through my ministry and through my life, and becoming clear on these issues is the only reason I have survived in ministry. Thank you!  -Pastor Wallace

Our Primary Objective

Our primary objective is to equip individuals to build up the Body of Christ and assist in empowering men, women, children, and families to have a greater impact on the communities they serve. This is accomplished by providing Christ-centered, Bible-based guidance—Christ-as-Life Discipleship®.

We press forward to show individuals their freedom from enslaving mental, emotional, and spiritual conflicts by emphasizing IDENTITY MATTERS. The counseling style is direct, honest, and truly biblical.

Each ministry session is designed to provide the client with an experience that centers upon the integration process of strong biblical Truth, faith, and what IOM coins as a Transformational Biblical Worldview & Exchanged Life Development. The indwelt Christian will become more established and pronounced in their Christian faith and become acutely aware of their self-life behavior and how it wars against the Word of God. We discover this in the Identity Matters Workbook.

This counseling/discipleship is offered to all - Christians and non-Christians alike. It is particularly helpful for those interested in learning how to effectively use the Word of God in a discipleship/ministry setting, gain personal help, and further oneself in the equipping process of being a minister of the Gospel. This is a perfect intern environment for undergraduate and graduate students.


One: Watch the video below.

Two: Read through the "Understanding Directive Authority" article.

Three: Download and study the "Right to Minister" agreement.

Four: If the above content is agreeable, fill in the application below.

Five: IOM will contact you for scheduling. 

Six: Zoom discipleship will be recommended.

Seven: You will be offered a direct email & text number for Q&A. 

Discipleship Application

Thanks for requesting a chat time!

Consider ordering Dr. Phinney's workbook before starting your discipleship. It contains the basic topics covered in the discipleship process.


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Some individuals are uncomfortable with face-to-face discipleship. We understand this cultural modality. Therefore we offer an online study (free) to those who prefer not to set a regular meeting time with a counselor/discipler.


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