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Protecting Our Constitutions

We the people of the Living God need to protect our constitutions. Not only the Constitution of our country but that of the Holy Bible.

Protecting The Constitution

IOM America documentary. Our goal, in this production, is to reveal the importance of protecting two Constitutions - the United States Constitution and the Holy Bible. We ask that you forward this video to your contacts. It is a straightforward message on Christ, Culture, and Creator.

Trump 2024

#IM Productions Remix provides you with the #movie #trailer for the trending film, "After Trump 2024." This is a "Warning to America." Resurrection Film's full-length documentary movie is available at -  This film is timely, informative, and revealing of the state of the United States of America. Sometimes Truth hurts.

Rigged 2020

Citizens United Production’s latest documentary blows the lid off the story the Fake News media refuses to report. “Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump” is the film Hollywood won’t touch.

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