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International Christian Survey

Welcome to our community survey! Your perspective is valuable to us. This questionnaire aims to understand the diverse beliefs within the global community about what it means to be “Christian.” We recognize that interpretations can vary widely, reflecting personal faith, cultural influences, and theological understanding. Your responses will contribute to a broader dialogue about faith in the international community, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Please note that all responses will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of this study. Thank you for your participation!

President/Founder Dr. Stephen Phinney


IM Christian Survey

Choose One: What does Christian mean to you?
Choose One: What does it mean to have Jesus as your personal Savior?
Choose One: What does it mean to be converted to Christianity?
Choose One: Can an individual go to Heaven without being indwelt by the Holy Spirit?
Choose One: Is it possible for an individual to be an authentic Christan and believe Jesus is not God?
Choose One: What does it mean to grow as a Christian?
Choose One: Do you believe the Bible is the infallible (without error) Word of God?
Choose One: Do you believe faithful church attendance and loyalty to Jesus guarantees salvation?

Thank you for helping us with this research project!

The results of our survey will be meticulously analyzed to discern the average biblical understanding of what it means to be a “Christian” within the international community. This will involve examining common themes, beliefs, and interpretations that emerge from the responses. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of how the generalized Christian community perceives Christianity in a biblical context. We believe this will foster greater unity, mutual respect, and understanding among us. Please rest assured that all responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect.


Thank you for your participation and contribution to this important dialogue.

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