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Reshaping The Believer's Identity In Christ.


Transforming Lives Through Identity Driven Publications & Media

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Both Series Begin January of 2024

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Our Focus.

Christ, Culture, and Creator. Compassion in Action. Helping members of the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and communicate effectively the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension in the believer's various spheres of influence.

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Publications & Media

A Christ-as-Life View on Biblical Issues.

We are all about Christ, Culture, and Creator. We publish weekly emails that address the challenges with each.

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Lion of Judah Films

Christ-as-Life Docudramas

We release links to over 700 Christ-as-Life documentaries, docudramas', films, and media bites to our subscribers. 

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Free Teaching Media

Christ-as-Life Teaching Docudrams

All subscribers gain free access to teaching docudramas, and worship music, provided by Lion of Judah Films.

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Friday Grace Life Publications

Leading Grace Theologians

Each Friday, we will release articles centered on and around the amazing Grace Life of Jesus Christ.


Stephen Phinney (Me-Me Marriages)

Mark Maulding (Am I Happy?)

Frank Friedmann (Push Back on Darkness)

Stephen Phinney (Father’s Marriage)

Mark Maulding (Righteousness)

Stephen Phinney (Marriage of Son)

Mark Maulding (Feelings)

Stephen Phinney (Father’s Son)

Mark Maulding (Peacemaker)

Frank Friedmann (You are Not God)

Stephen Phinney ( Christ Consummates)

Stephen Phinney (Godly Marriages)

Frank Friedmann (Source of Life)

Frank Friedmann (Crushed Drams)

Stephen Phinney (Power of Father)

Mark Maulding (Accomplishments)

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