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The history of the word “Christian” was quickly adopted by the world as a term to label those who followed Christ Jesus – being indwelt by the Holy Spirit (born-again) or not.  The term is used in the postmodern times of today in the same fashion, except the “Christ” in Christ-ian is not necessarily Jesus Christ; This means it does not necessarily separate the indwelt (Holy Spirit indwelt) believers/disciples from those who intellectually follow Jesus Christ, or a Christ, by their works. This book reveals the difference.

Who Are We

Your identity in Christ is not just a theological concept; it’s a life-transforming truth. When you understand that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, chosen, redeemed, and deeply loved by the Creator of the universe, it changes everything. You no longer define yourself by your past mistakes & sins, societal labels, or fleeting achievements. Instead, you walk in the confidence of being a child of God, forgiven and set free. Your purpose becomes clear: to reflect His love, grace, and compassion to a hurting world. So, embrace your identity in Christ—it’s the most powerful truth you’ll ever know.

As disciples of Christ, our mission extends beyond mere knowledge; it’s about transformation. Practical discipleship is the bridge between theology and daily life. It’s the intentional journey of walking alongside others, helping them discover their true identity in Christ. We don’t just teach doctrines; we model grace, forgiveness, and love. We listen, we encourage, and we challenge. We create spaces for vulnerability and growth. Why? Because when someone grasps their identity as a beloved child of God, it revolutionizes their purpose, relationships, and destiny. So, let’s be more than teachers; let’s be discipleship guides—leading others into the abundant life found in Christ.

Connecting with the indwelling Life of Jesus should be the beginning of the believer's life in Christ. However, statistics reveal this revelation is ignored. This book provides sound doctrines of discovering the "how" to make this connection.

They tell us that a picture is worth a thousand words. We agree! In this book and study guide, we make use of diagrams to communicate the profound theological principles found in God's Holy Word. Check them out.

The appropriation of the identified Life of Christ frequently starts with understanding the verbiage, the vocabulary. This book provides a full dictionary of terms and the definitions - all with Biblical accuracy.

Learning who you are in Jesus is only the first step. The life principle that Christ wants us to express is giving His Life away to others, while showing them how to live the Victorious Indwelling Life. This resource provides the guide.

Our Workbook On Steroids

This resource contains hundreds of helpful tools to grow in Christ, as well as lead others one-on-one or in a group study!

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