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Unfolding Compassion in Action.

Our unique perspective and faith-driven narratives on the believer’s identity in Christ Jesus are a valuable addition to our Substack writers and readers, as well as to the IM Network.


As we share the essays of our writers on Substack and the IM Network, we believe their words have the power to inspire, uplift, and provide solace in Christ. Our writers, rooted in their faith, will resonate with each of our network readers.

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The primary objective of the Christian Writers Association is to unite sound Biblical writers in equipping readers, listeners, and viewers to build up the Body of Christ and assist in empowering men, women, children, and families to have a greater impact on the communities they serve. This is accomplished by providing Christ-centered, Bible-based content that advances the Gospel of Jesus Christ - in the writer and reader. Writers will be encouraged to use writing skills, podcasts, and video productions - both in the mediums of fiction and non-fiction.


Greetings, my name is Dr. Stephen Phinney. I am the founder of IOM America, the IM Worldview Institute, the IM Online School, and the Substack End Times Chronicles author. My objective is to unite solid, well-balanced Christian writers. We aim to create a community of writers who share a common faith and passion for writing that advances the Life of Jesus Christ.

We believe that by coming together, we can inspire and encourage one another to create works that honor God and Jesus Christ through content inspired by the Holy Spirit - while spreading His message of love, hope, and the indwelling Life of Jesus. We envision a world where Christian writers are empowered to use their writing gifts to make a lasting impression and impact a troubled world, those seeking answers and hope.

I, personally, have been working on this plan for well over ten years. Today, we are ready to launch the mission. We invite you to join us in this mission. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, we believe that your voice is important and that your words can change lives.

If you are new to our network, feel free to check out our mission and what we believe. HERE. 

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December 2023 Award-Winning Award Recipient | Dr. Tony Evans


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As a gift to all those who become paid subscribers until December 30th, we are offering a 75% discount on an annual subscription. That’s not all! Once you or others, subscribe, we will upgrade their subscription to a lifetime subscription without additional charge. It is our way of ramping up for our official launch on January 1, 2024.

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-Stephen Phinney

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