A good story is more than entertaining--it also changes lives. When you use video/audio to reach your customers, parishioners, or audience in general, you're leaving a lasting impression that connects your viewers meaningfully and powerfully with the message you impart. Not to mention the heart behind your outreach.



Discover 300+ video productions with over 900K views - focused on the believer's identity in Jesus Christ.

Video Camera

Teaching, Music & Illustrative

The topic of the "end-times" is a leading trending issue. This series addresses these topics. 

Teaching Series

Review 900+ podcasts via the Identity Matters Worldview podcast - videos and audios. 


Host | Dr. Stephen Phinney

Don Moen is the worship leader for IOM America & our XL-Church. We produce quality lyric-based music videos.

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Worship Music Productions

Join 4.2 billion viewers in watching 5-min. videos that quickly address the cultural issues that wage war with Truth.

Band Performing on Stage

IM & PragerU

Sample Media Below

Sample Media From IM Media Productions



President, United States

“Stephen, your unwavering faith and support sustain and inspire me in my efforts to strengthen and protect our Nation. Thank you for serving on my Executive Task Force & being steadfast in Truth.”

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Without the freedom of religion, there is no credit given to God. Without God, people are discredited. - Phinney     Smart Cards

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