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Pimping Our Beggars

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Dr. Stephen Phinney

If I were a rich man, I would feed every hungry person in the world! However, since most beggars have a Christianized pimp exploiting them, this task would be next to impossible.


It is not rocket science to underscore the reality of the deplorable acts of prostitution regarding sex trafficking. But what about those who exploit beggars? You know, those who send you pictures of starving children with themselves begging for money that, in many cases, never reach the starving.

The ideologies behind pimping prostitutes are elementary. The pimp finds desperate souls who need food, clothing, and affection, while the pimp creates a method of the madness of dependence, which in most cases executes drug dependence. While the pimp pockets the lion’s share of the money, the pimp uses ten percent of each “trick” to feed and clothe the slave – a method used since early Egypt.

Self-proclaimed “Christians” use the same method of raising funds for the needy. While it would be easy to blame the “feed the hungry” pimps in Africa, or other related countries, that would be too easy. America is the number one country in the world that has mastered the art of taking money from the poor and giving ninety percent to the rich. Most likely where the third-world countries learn the method. Many television “evangelists” have used this method to keep themselves in their mansions. Many “feed the hungry” non-profits use this method on a sophisticated level.

I have been on enough mission trips to see this method of Christianized pimping with my own eyes. On one particular trip, I represented one of the largest child-sponsoring non-profits. Once I arrived in this African country, I demanded to be taken to the hut of the child I was sponsoring. My interest was not only in meeting “our child,” but I wanted to see if the funds we sent for beds, food, etc., were reaching this family. Since I was a friend of the Vice President of this organization, my demands were accepted.

After a three-hour jeep ride on the highway, another hour in off-road travel, and over a mile of walking to their hut, sure enough, we met the family we were sponsoring. So far, so good. Right? What I saw after that changed my view of child sponsorship – at least with this particular non-profit. While being told our giving reached the family, not one of our gifts was present in the home we were sponsoring.

To make a long story short, back home in the United States, I reported this misrepresentation to the home office. Not only did we uncover a localized “Christianized” pimping network, but the leader of the non-profit was also indicted for like-minded illegal activities. Since my friend assumed the role of President, things have been better. However, in my mind, the damage had been done.

Since those days, I have been on the trail investigating the ideology of “Christianized Pimping.” My findings have been mind-bending. I poured thousands of donor dollars into the rescue efforts of the poor and needy, only to discover leaders using our giving to cushion their own pockets while they would toss a few crumbs to the poor. To this day, we sometimes receive a request for thousands of dollars of support – at times, daily.

Don’t get me wrong. Our ministry continues to sponsor leaders, children, and rescue efforts. Our beliefs in giving to the needy have not changed. My wife and I monthly support three wonderful needy children in remote parts of the earth. Locally, we assist as the Lord leads us to assist the needy. However, we are far wiser than in the early days.

Folks, there are “Christian Pimps” all over the world. Some of them are in the churches you attend. Others are in those email appeals and social platforms. The clever scammers are frequently the winners.


  1. First, you must understand that all giving is honored by the Lord – even those that use your cherished donation to enhance self-motives. That is, of course, if the giving was conducted under conviction. I liken it to giving to a beggar on the corner. While they might use your money to purchase alcohol or drugs, God notes your selfless giving in Heaven.

  2. Be level-headed. When I give, I am conscious that my giving could be used for evil gain by the receivers. Since you cannot prove otherwise, give out of a heart of sacrifice. God is accustomed to dealing with those who misspend your giving.

  3. Never give out of guilt. Guilt giving is not only NOT recorded in the Kingdom of God; it is covert submission to the “pimp’s” scam. Meaning you bought into their prostitution system. All giving should come from the Holy Spirit’s conviction, not guilt. This requires you to be indwelt by Jesus.

  4. When possible, do your homework. It is easier than you think. I investigate money appealers all the time. At times I find that no matter how much free stuff you give them regarding growing the Gospel, the replies typically are centered on money. I, nor our ministry, give to these types of appealers. We always offer “free stuff,” discipleship materials, to those who appeal for money. For us, our goal is to advance the Gospel through our giving. When this does not occur, we move on to those who deeply appreciate and use the materials to advance Jesus’s primary mission.

  5. Never give for tax reasons. If you want to get me on a soapbox, bring up giving for tax benefits. Jesus said we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is giving. Today, most give to get their money back in a “tax right off.” It is socialism in sheep’s clothing. This modality advances governments. Plus, it assists these governments in tracking you and the receiver. While recording your giving on your tax filings is respectful, it should not be a motive to get that money back in return. As Jesus Himself respected government taxes, we honor all government requirements as individuals and as a ministry. Soon, non-profit exemption status will be a thing of the past for authentic Christian services.

  6. Never stop random giving. Giving to that beggar on the street is frequently more reliable than the big tech non-profit that guarantees your donation to reach the needy. Due to our limited funds, our ministry tends to give to ministries in which we know the leader. For example, I know the Senator who runs a non-profit to eradicate sex trafficking. Since I know Linda and worked with her in DC, I am assured that my sacrificial donation will reach their efforts in an important cause to our family. Meanwhile, my greatest pleasure is giving to needy people who don’t have a corporate entity that withholds a percentage.


The company that monitors scammers on my phone and computer systems recently warned me of a statistic. Donor scammers increase by 92% during the highest-giving season – Christmas. What was their suggested “fix?” Contact the corporate office directly if the appeal is appealing, not through email, phone appeal, or ad. Obtain the corporate number through an official site. Since our phones ring throughout the day with such scams and appeals, we have a third party managing our calls to screen such intrusions. Most do not have this advantage. However, sometimes it is wise to let it go to your messaging and decide what to do.

Our main method is giving to those we know. We believe this is to be the baseline of most of our giving. Secondly, we love giving to the needy on the spot, whether it is with a meal, a coat, or cash. Honestly, giving is messy. Tossing a buck to beggars is easy. However, jumping in, taking the time, getting that meal, and returning to give it to the hungry is often where authentic giving is noted in Heaven. Since I am alert about “pimps” who prostitute beggars, I default to the beggar – not their money-hungry representatives.

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During Christmas 2022, consider giving with your hands and feet. While you bless those in need or make gestures of giving to those you love, get messy - give to the least of these, my brethren.

Watch, "Why the Nativity?" docudrama HERE.

Comment: Excellent article, "Pimping Beggars," Stephen! It is amazing the timing of this article. I started reading it a couple of days ago... then within a couple of hours, I had a conversation with someone in Dubai. He reported exactly the same thing! He had substantially supported orphans and the distressed via a church in an African country. He then flew over at the end of 2021 to visit the church. Ended up staying months uncovering abuse of all the funds... virtually nothing actually got to the desperate village areas and helpers looking after the poor. Instead, “The Church” took the money and enjoyed lavish lifestyles... they even tried to get him to donate nigh on $20K for a ‘new work’ for a gold cross to go in the building! Arriving at services in limos and private jets! I tremble for these people. Jesus notices every single ‘widow's mite’ and the heart that gives it. Woe to the wicked that steal it to make themselves fat. Bless you, brother. - Brother, Alston

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