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Giving vs The Giver

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Randy Alcorn

Jesus makes it clear that the abundant life consists not in material abundance but in the life-giving spiritual abundance found only in Him. Eternal and abundant life begins in this world when we come to Jesus, the ultimate giver, and continues as we become more like Him. The gospel itself centers on the single greatest act of giving in the history of the universe.

As we learn to give, we draw closer to God. But no matter how far we progress in the grace of giving, Jesus Christ remains the unmatchable giver. It was He who left the wealth of Heaven to make the supreme sacrifice to deliver us from eternal poverty and grant us eternal riches.

No matter how much we give, we can never out-give God.

Hi, my name is Dr. Stephen Phinney. I have a challenge for you. In this day, find someone, or a ministry you love, and give a gift. As for this challenge, I prefer you not to give to our ministry. This is a challenge to embrace the lesson Randy is sharing with our readers. We don't want it benefiting us.

We would like to step out and practice what we preach. We would like to give you a free eBook, "Finances & The End Times." All you have to do is contact me directly and I will send it your way. ( ) If you like the smell of a printed book, you can order the book by tapping/clicking on the image.

Have a blessed day!

The profits from the paperback version of this book is given to ministries we support.

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