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Dr. Stephen Phinney


As a teacher, my number one passion is to help people understand the truth revealed in the Holy Spirit-inspired Scriptures. Tragically, if people do not understand how to interpret the Scriptures, they will slip into error as they make the Bible proclaim whatever they want it to. Leading people to freedom also requires the courageous step of pointing out the errors that people believe. This may not allow such a one to be popular but being popular was never the agenda of a new covenant teacher. This has been the heart of my ministry, and I believe it is the heart of Dr. Phinney. It was easy to partner with IOM America because they share the same heart of proclaiming the truth and exposing the lies that the enemy hurls at the church to keep the church from fully experiencing the freedom that is their birthright in Christ. -Frank Friedmann


Preeminent, what a nasty word. At least when it comes to the dark side. The term has Latin roots and derives from minere, which means “paramount” or “mountain.” Today, it depicts a person of unquestionable rank or supremacy, Meaning no one can rise above their control.


Christianity Going Rogue.

The phrase going rogue has a specific meaning of “behaving erratically or dangerously.” Today’s expression is more likely to indicate that someone is displaying a high degree of independence or failing to follow the expected script of humanity. When we unite these words, as in our title, we have this: “a supreme authority who will lead from a hidden place, will be erratic and dangerous, and will not follow the life-script of humanity.”

The Church is Suffering from Convergence.

Convergence is “an act or instance of converging and a point in which the lines of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ will converge, resulting in a society without a conscience.”

Convergence requires a mastermind, and it is not an accidental phenomenon. Convergence is a strategic plan implemented by hidden governance, and the objective is to neutralize minds to control the masses. Once the convergence is solidified and normalized, preeminent darkness will overpower light - temporarily, that is.

Convergence is an event known in the Word of God as The Apostasy. It is also known as the “falling away.” I believe our Lord ignited this event in 2020. Time will tell. However, Jesus's words, “Walk while you have the Light so that darkness will not overtake you,” could not be more relevant in our present end-times. We cannot stop this coming convergence; God ordains it.

The ideation of sin needs a conscience, and sin surfaces as a misnomer when the conscience becomes seared. If we walk in the Light, the conscience becomes a guiding force to prepare us for living in a preeminent dark society.

A dark society does not function without deception. Deception within the Church cannot multiply without passivity, and passivity is the gateway to impotence.

Passivity is the greatest enemy of the Gospel!

In evaluating the present condition of the Body of Christ, we discover a mystery that separates the sheep from the goats - the silencing of the lambs.

When you look at our society today, what do you see? If you are alert to the scheme of the enemy of God, most likely, you will see the church slipping into the modality of blending the values and core doctrines of the Word of God in and with the lukewarm mindset of the Antichrist. This madness method is the “sting of death” (1 Cor. 15:56), where co-burial in Christ and the Resurrection Life fades into the emergent Social Gospel.

Often, I am asked, "Why is the Social Gospel dangerous?" The quick answer is that the Social Gospel considers relationships more important than doctrines. The more complex answer is disturbing - people who propagate the Social Gospel define the authentic Gospel through self-life experience, better communicated as the feeling-based gospel.

Since the Social Gospel is the global religious view of Socialism, both the Social Gospel and Socialism (as a government) provide the root deception that leads to the captivation of all people into one-world governance. Both ideations are rooted in a feeling-based belief system. However, both aim to eliminate the freedom of liberty, meaning the conservative branches with a Biblical worldview become frustrated in asserting the sound doctrines of God's absolute Word, fearing condemnation, and being bullied into silence. Sadly, this demonic ideation works with most fake and real believers in Christ. Keep in mind the leading ramification is that silence provokes passivity. Thus, passivity silences the lambs of the Living God, which ultimately removes the testimonies of and for Jesus Christ.

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Equipping the authentic Saints of Jesus Christ is a massive challenge. Since the leading social misnomer accepted by our culture is anti-authority, when the real Gospel is presented authoritatively, the masses default to this cultural ideation. Suppose you are blocked from presenting authority as the foundation for ushering in conviction. In that case, the listeners will default to, “You are not my daddy” while being passive in answering the question, “Who is your daddy?”

Who IS your daddy?

There are only two daddies - the Father of Lies (Satan) and God the Father. There is a confession when you encounter an individual who separates these primaries into other father figures. Unless authoritative figures are under God the Father and managed by God the Father, each is identified as under the Father of Lies. This kind of clarity of authority provokes a growing movement of hostility. No one places themselves under authority. All of humanity is born under the limited authority of the Father of Lies (Romans 6; Galatians 2:20). To get out from under this horrific position of slavery, one must be crucified with Christ, buried with Him, and then, and only then, can the individual be translated under the authority of God the Father.

The Leading Cause of Our Dark Preeminent Darkness.

Modern Christians tend to be intimidated by cultural movements so much that droves are suffering from the temptation to renounce their faith in Christ. So, what would be the leading cause of this demonic passivity? The fear of fronting demonic doctrines and movements.

Our subject, This Preeminent Darkness, tackles these demonic doctrines and movements head-on. While you would think Christians would be the example of battling the enemy's tactics, research proves they are not. Most integrate demonic doctrines into their lukewarm faith, resulting in a compromised testimony, causing the believer to fade into a social gospel.

Our mission is to separate darkness from light while empowering the people OF Light (Jesus Christ) to shine forth in darkness to deliver the people of darkness into the Kingdom of Light and Life. Therefore, our bottom line is that authentic Christians should not be silent in advancing the Gospel THROUGH culture and not refrain due to culture.

So, why THIS book?

Honestly, I have found few books that address culture with the mindset of viewing the preeminence of Christ when considering culture and its movements.

Today, the lion’s share of publications tends to wash out the Truth of viewing life through the mind of Christ, which the Scriptures tell us dwells within all authentic born-again believers. Secondly, most quality books I read on our topic don’t finish with an introduction to the pure doctrines of real-deal Salvation in Christ. In other words, they don’t close the deal! And more importantly, most ignore the topic of culture and life viewed through the mind of Jesus Christ.

In an age where Christianity is anything you make it, I will bring the reader back to the basic doctrines of the Word of God.

With my compelling research of Christ, Culture & Creator, I deliver a theologically sound analysis of each up-to-date movement that rises against the Holy Word of God.

My devotion to studying the Lord’s prophecies, particularly when it comes to culture, is anchored in my love for releasing the Life of Christ from within. As a teacher, I believe it is imperative that the view of culture must be through the mind of Christ that lives within all born-again believers.

Jesus cares deeply about the culture we live!

In the pages of this book, you will discover some of the top trending cultural movements that rise against the mind of Jesus. Scripture reveals our Lord’s thinking regarding each movement. It is my mission to unfold the doctrines of Christ as these movements rise against Christianity.

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