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Marxists Could Win

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Tim Wildmon

Marxists hate America. They hate individual freedom because they believe the state should rule men and women like sheep. They hate our Constitution because it limits government power, when the socialist mindset is to aggregate power. They hate the Declaration of Independence because it recognizes and honors God in its history-shaking propositions – "that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. …"

That's why I regret to say that the Marxists are gaining ground in our nation and are closer than ever to overthrowing our constitutional republic.

As they continue their march through the institutions of our nation, their latest tactic is to divide the American people into warring factions. Now more than ever, the wedge used to splinter us is race.

That said, let me be perfectly clear: All true Christians abhor actual racism.

To hate people because of their skin color, to persecute them, to deny them their rights as humans created in the image of God, to treat them unjustly before the Lord – these things have no place in a Christian's life. It might have been in a different context – showing favoritism to those who are rich while disdaining those who are poor – but James makes clear that such partiality makes us "judges with evil motives" (James 2:4). Yet, while many Americans are willing to open the door to an honest discussion about racism, something else has taken the opportunity to slither into the house. Beneath the surface, an evil, Marxist-based ideology is dominating the public discourse about race in America, and you need to be made aware.

It’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT).

CRT is so sinister that we asked our very own Meeke Addison to address this issue from a gospel-centric perspective. Meeke is assistant director of special initiatives for AFA and co-host, with her husband Wil, of Airing the Addisons on American Family Radio.

In A Biblical Response to Critical Race Theory, Meeke offers an informed and passionate challenge to the Marxist perspective that has taken hold in many of the power centers of our culture.