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Nehemiah | The Man & The Legend

Jesus is coaching you up, encouraging you to deal with conflict head-on, guiding you to make necessary and proper adjustments, and strengthening you to keep doing what is right in Christ.


A Word from O.S. Hawkins:

Anyone, anywhere, who becomes serious about rebuilding can expect to meet with opposition...

There are times when it comes from without. Some Sanballat or Tobiah will rise up against us as they did against Nehemiah. There are other times when the opposition may well up from within our own ranks. Like Nehemiah, we may find that some of our fiercest opposition may actually come from someone who has been on our team. . . . It’s how we deal with the opposition—opposition that will surely come—that will largely determine the success or failure of our own rebuilding projects.

Nehemiah followed four key principles that enabled him to keep moving forward, complete the job, and reach the goal God had set before him:

First, Nehemiah shows us how important it is to deal with conflict head-on. He didn’t ignore it and hoped it would just go away. Neither can we turn a blind eye to opposition. Nor can we turn around, run the other way, and expect to see the goal of rebuilding accomplished. We must deal with opposition head-on.

Second, Nehemiah made some proper adjustments. There was still a considerable amount of rubbish on and around the broken wall that needed to be removed and hauled away. Any attempt to rebuild the wall on a foundation as shabby as rubbish would only mean the wall would one day crumble again. From time to time, in our own rebuilding experience, it is necessary for us to call a timeout and make some adjustments to our game plan.

Third, Nehemiah was an overcomer. Once he had dealt with his opposition head-on and made proper adjustments to his plan, he overcame obstacles by continuing to do the right thing. He watched, and he worked. With a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, he continued rebuilding, always keeping a keen eye out for any opposition. He never let the opposition deter him from his task ahead. He kept doing what was right.

Finally, Nehemiah rallied his troops. He knew how important his team’s morale was in the rebuilding process. He not only got started with his goal in mind, but now, well into the journey, he continues to work to keep his team focused on that goal.

Remember, your coach is Christ Himself. He is coaching you up, encouraging you to deal with conflict head-on, guiding you to make some necessary and proper adjustments, and strengthening you to keep on doing what is right. He is rallying the troops around you, and you and I are on His team.


I was given a book to study, “Hand Me Another Brick, " by Charles Swindoll, many years ago. This book impacted me to the degree it infected and affected my life in ministry and family life. I learned how to overcome discouragement, relate to authority figures, get over ministerial jealousy, handle