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More Than an Appetizer

Tony Evans


Deare IOM Friends,

My mom used to tell me and my siblings if we complained about something she was cooking and we didn’t want to eat it, that it was because we just weren’t hungry enough. We would excuse ourselves from the table and head elsewhere in the house only to hear her say, “You’ll be back. When you get hungry enough, it’ll be here.” This is because my mom knew, like many moms know, that hungry people who are truly hungry aren’t that picky. They just need food. And they won’t let their own preferences keep them from pursuing the nutrition and sustenance that will satisfy their bodies' needs.

Most Christians just want appetizers. They only want to nibble on spiritual food. If someone tried to live like that in the physical realm, they would soon be dead. To be healthy requires consistent nourishment.

When Jesus speaks of hungering and thirsting for righteousness, He is talking about it being an ongoing priority. He is not talking about a verse-a-day that keeps the devil away. He is not talking about popping open a Bible app and scanning a few passages. He’s not talking about listening to a podcast for a few minutes as you drive. If that’s how a hungry person pursued the consumption of food that the body needs, that person would starve in no time.

When Jesus speaks of hungering and thirsting for righteousness, He speaks of those who remove the distractions and excesses in life that are not contributing to their pursuit of God. They don’t browse multiple menus throughout the day. They look to and long for God. It is His righteousness that contains the nutrients for your spiritual growth.

For His Indwelling,

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