The Storm of 2022

Dr. Tony Evans

I am blessed to welcome Dr. Tony Evans to the IM Blog team. Tony and I were both discipled by Dr. Charles Solomon. Meaning, I have confidence in Tony's views of the identified Life of Jesus Christ. I pray that you are blessed by his entries. Please take time to watch his 2022 video at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! -Dr. Phinney



The only time you truly know the value and strength of an anchor is during a storm. When the waters are rising around you and you are finding it hard to hold on and stay afloat, that’s when you see God show up.

Nothing will make God more real to you than those times when what you thought was a blessing turns bitter. Maybe it’s a job that has turned bitter, or a marriage, or a friendship. Maybe your health, your finances or your worries about your nation and culture. It can happen in lots of ways.