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Why Jesus Came

Frank Friedmann

Why Jesus Came

I often ask people to provide the reason God sent His Son to this earth. The dominant answer I receive is that He came to die for our sins. Of course He came to die for our sins, but He came for so much more.

As the carpenter son of Joseph and Mary, Jesus spent thirty years in virtual anonymity on this planet. At the appointed time, He presented Himself to be baptized by John the Baptist. The Holy Spirit came upon Him, to equip Him for ministry, and His priesthood on our behalf began. He journeyed into the desert to do battle with Satan. Emerging victorious, Jesus re-entered civilization. He came to the synagogue in Nazareth, sat down, and opened the Scriptures to announce His ministry.

He did not read that He came to take away the sins of the world. He did not read that He came to open the gates of heaven on our behalf. He did not read that He came to conquer the grave. He did not even mention that He came to free us from the tyranny of the law.

Instead, He quoted the incredible words from Isaiah 61. He did not quote the entire passage, and I do not know why. For our purpose, I will quote it more fully. Even though what Jesus read clearly communicates His mission of comfort, I want you to gain a more complete understanding of the heart He has for us and the mission He has undertaken on our behalf.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon Me,

for the Lord has appointed Me

to bring good news to the poor.

He has sent Me to comfort the brokenhearted,

and to proclaim that captives will be released

and prisoners will be freed.

He has sent Me to tell those who mourn

that the time of the Lord’s favor has come,

and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies.

To all who mourn in Israel,

He will give a crown of beauty for ashes,

a joyous blessing instead of mourning,

festive praise instead of despair.

In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks