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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Should Donald J. Trump run for President in 2024?

Many conservative voters would say, "absolutely." The masses within our given culture would not only say, "no," but would do everything within their power to stop such a decision.

Over all, people are tired of politics. However, there are plenty who find their identity in politics - while not caring about being a puppet for the puppet-masters.

Politicians today believe in the power of words without the power of truth. The bottom line, they need votes. After all, the United States is a democracy.

Fact - the psychology behind speeches is to set the platform for a hidden agenda. Only foolish or brave communicators reveal their plans within their speeches. But, for most, they carefully choose the right words and phrases that advance their party's platform (agenda).

Most citizens are like “dumb sheep” (Jeremiah 4:22). They believe what they hear. Each listener carefully scans the speech for details that either advance their personal beliefs or refute them. It is in this modality that speechwriters carefully integrate trending issues into their candidate’s rhetoric, as a result of this method of madness, many candidates function like a puppet reading teleprompters.

Using good looking or rich candidates for political gain is not a new tactic. The basis of most political leaders is rooted in the success of officials behind the scene, managing their every move. Thus, choosing a leader who is willing to hand over power once elected becomes paramount. In these cases, it doesn’t matter if the candidate has the wherewithal to be able to handle the job. The weaker the candidate, the better the puppeteer.

Who are these puppeteers?

In the case of presidential candidates, it is either their political party or, in the case of independent candidates, their followers. Uninformed citizens tend to think their newly elected leader is “the man with the plan.” Elected leaders not only have to harken to the advice of their Cabinet, they have to advance the agenda of their party. After all, the elected official is representing their political party – not their countrymen. It is in these primary reasons why we have party lines within the country’s citizens – red and blue states.

How many presidential candidates were elected on an independent ticket?

That would be zero. John Tyler was the closest in 1841. While he was elected under the political party of the “Whigs,” they kicked him out shortly after he took office, which made him an independent. The facts are, independents never make it into office. Why? Because they are not quick to be managed by puppeteers within the governing system.

Every once in a while, we have party-line candidates that refuse to be puppets. These leaders are elected under their party but once in office begin to effectively use their elected position to advance the agenda of we the people. These candidates are held to the highest level of integrity – that of keeping the promises laid out in their speeches. If they fulfill their promises – they become our heroes. Warning, promise-keepers become the enemy of liars.

Here is the kicker. Between elections, these hidden puppeteers work tirelessly to change the thinking of we the people. Meaning, change the culture of the people to match the agenda of the individual party. This irony sets the people to support their rhetoric in the next election. In their efforts, they make promises that benefit the majority. Thus, their goal to control the masses through culture becomes the political puppeteers' invested re-formation. At this point in the game, it is all about forming a new majority. Reader, we call this politics.

The line between politics and the freedom of the people is fragile. A skilled politician balances the act between the people and the puppeteers. If skilled efficiently, they project a candy-coated lie in such a way that we, the people, believe our freedom is embedded in our opinions. If the people believe their opinions matter, the objective of the puppeteers is cemented. Now the hidden leaders can guide the people to the elections with ease.

So what is the final objective of these puppeteers?

The simple answer is to control the masses. A more Biblical response is to keep the people “dumb sheep” while leading them to a leader of mass control. Check this out.

“Drag them off like sheep for the slaughter and set them apart for a day of carnage!” (Jeremiah 12:3)

The day of carnage? Yes. End times prophecies depict a leader who will control the masses for seven years – the Great Tribulation. Scriptures also reveal this leader will replicate a time of global peace but yet it’s a lie (Jer. 6:14). How does this leader accomplish this? Simple. He stays hidden behind the puppeteers, using them as puppets to lead the masses to his trap – global peace through the socialistic platform.

The real question, “Is there a bigger puppeteer than our politicians?” Is there a leader hiding behind the walls of global control that is far more sinister? Is this leader mentioned in the Bible? If so, who is it? To answer those questions, you will have to study the book of Revelation carefully. Since 91% of our Christians are actively avoiding the reading of this book, the ignorant will have to wait and see with their own eyes. Of course, by this time, it is too late.

People, in general, hate being controlled and manipulated by leaders. Puppeteers know this and use it to their advantage. If fear guides your life, you have no other choice but to keep your head in the sand. Honestly, it is a waste of your time. Fear bound people are the easiest to control. While they hide from the Lord’s warnings, the enemy is seeking to devour them. God is in control of both the puppeteers and their hidden objectives. He sees everything.

At times I am asked how I keep my “cool” in a culture with so much noise. My modality is always to look for the man behind the curtain. Becoming heated over a political speech is a waste of my time. Looking for a candidate whose faith in Jesus Christ is backed by their works is important to me. When a candidate surfaces with this kind of integrity – they have my full support.

Politics is a dirty business, and I mean business. Most voters stand behind candidates who either support their immorality or advance their integrity. While I care about our country deluding into socialism, I care more about leaders who are willing to defend our nation's constitution. I hate to admit it, but the future spoken of in the book of Revelation doesn’t defend capitalism nor socialism. The book reveals the need for