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Russia Ukraine Holy War

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Christ | Culture | Creator

Why is it that unbelievers tend to figure out Biblical prophecies

before authentic Christians?

While most self-proclaimed Christians have a reputation of being ignorant to the Lord's prophecies, the world's masses are asking the right questions. The short answer, global leaders, tend not to have their heads in the sand. At least, that is my perception.

Recently the leader of Russia, Putin, stated he is calling out Biblical Prophecy for war on Ukraine. To make it more harmonious, he has called out Gog of Magog's prophetic continuous history in justifying his decision to declare war on Ukraine. However, this declaration comes with a forced unity/peace agreement before the war ensues, which are talks on the table today.

There are two primary justifications associated with his decision. The first is that Ukraine belongs to Russia, and historically, it always has been. Putin believes this land belongs to Russia. According to Russian history, he is correct. Secondly, he needs Ukraine to cut a path to reach Israel by way of Gomer - the Biblical nation of the Ukraine, which reveals the overall prophecy of the Northern Bear coming down from the North to overpower Israel.

It makes complete sense for Putin to demand peace and unity with the Ukrainians without question. In his mind, the heirs of the ancient Prince of Rus (Rosh) are called out in chapter 38 in the book of Ezekiel. </