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The AI Following Church

I recently asked an AI ChatBot, “What is a lukewarm church?” I was a bit surprised by the level of harmonious reply it gave.

Stephen Phinney | IM Author Contributor


AI ChatBot: The term "lukewarm church" is often used to describe a church or religious organization that has become complacent and lacks enthusiasm and passion for its beliefs and practices. It may also refer to a church that is not fully committed to its faith or has strayed from its original teachings and values.

It was a pretty good answer for an artificial intelligence platform used by the world governing system. I then asked the leading “Christian” survey group the same question. They said we don’t survey this group.

Could it be true that an AI is more honest than the “church?”

I asked the AI Chatbot, “What is an indwelt Christian?”

ChatBot: An indwelt Christian refers to a believer in Jesus Christ who has received the Holy Spirit and has Him dwelling within them. This doctrine, known as the "indwelling of the Holy Spirit," holds that the Holy Spirit takes up residency in a believer's heart at the moment of salvation and remains there as a source of guidance, comfort, and power for living a godly life. The concept of an indwelt Christian emphasizes the ongoing, intimate relationship between a believer and the Holy Spirit, and it is central to many Christian denominations.

Is Satan’s AI Tree of Knowledge more truthful than the church?

When looking at the raw data, my answer must be yes! Overall, the replies from the Christianized platforms prove that the masses are duped by self-generated opinions that stray from the basic logical facts in the Word of God. The church is now more about how they “feel” about the doctrines of God versus choosing to believe the Truth of God. The church as a whole is subjective and soon to become irrelevant. After all, when a Satanic intelligence system is more honest and truthful about basic doctrines of the Word than the people OF the Word, we are in dangerous waters of deception.

While we can gain some benefits from Christianized surveys, the results of these reviews are solely based on lukewarm followers of Christ versus those who He indwells. Another reality is the authentic Body of Christ is rarely surveyed, and this research group admits this. Thus, “followers” cannot answer a basic question an AI platform is relevant in answering.

Christ does not necessarily indwell followers of Christ.

While our ChatBot agrees with me, the new norm references the church attendees as “followers,” those who follow Jesus versus being indwelt by Him; the authentic doctrines of Christ’s indwelling have been removed from what researchers classify as the church. In this, the Christ in You communicators have morphed into a “cult” or, minimally, a group of teachers who advance “strange teachings,” that is, outside of the ”beliefs” of our ChatBot resource.

The “church” has been divided into two primary groups – followers (Social Gospel) & the Christ in You communicators – those who teach Jesus IS the Truth and indeed does dwell in authentic Christians.

As many authors reveal in their articles, the “church” has shifted into using its sermons to address Social Justice issues. Today, attendees believe stories over that of hearing sermons that offer the offensive Truth that sets people free. They are quick to stand, holding picket sign issues over being brought to repentance in Christ, tap His indwelling presence, and be transformed by this reveal. Many preachers today are more interested in ensuring their theological concepts are presented regarding the doctrines OF Christ versus teaching and ensuring attendees understand the release of the Life of Christ from within. Could it be our pulpits have become a social reform platform? The organic result is – yes. The local fellowships have become masters of preaching about Truth instead of giving the Life of Jesus as the Truth.

I deeply appreciate the reviews of “followers of Christ.” It helps me see where the “church” is and where they are headed. It also helps authentic teachers of the Gospel address cultural issues by connecting each to the indwelling Truths of ‘Christ in you.’ However, suppose the preacher makes the social issues the main theme. In that case, the best they can expect from followers is holding up a picket sign, demanding rights Christ has not given them and doing what they can to defend Christ-followers' liberties. And…the last I read, real Christians are to expect persecution, distress, and difficulties for standing firm on the immovable doctrines of Christ in You. If we learn from the Nero period of the first-generation believers – we shouldn’t be out to change a culture but be willing to lay our lives down for the sake of the Gospel IN a depraved culture.

Your ”average” Christian has been duped into protecting the Gospel. Jesus does not need protectors; they must be protected from the erroneous modern teachings of the Social Gospel. Biblical activism is laying your life down for the Gospel within the believer. If we are to preserve the Gospel of ‘Christ in you,’ we need Christ in us to preserve His doctrines in all that we think, preach, and advance. If we ignore this basic Truth, we will default to the Christ-following masses, AND their ridiculous and deluded claims that believing in Christ does not necessarily require His indwelling presents. The irony is the AI ChatBot knows the difference.

New Trend: AI ChatBots are preparing sermons for pastors.